Keeping retirement weird. Retired teachers meet for the first lunch of the Trump era.


People tell me I am good about my timely responses to email and texts. Usually my snail mail can sit by my laptop for a while before I open it.

But when the membership renewal reminder from the Illinois Retired Teachers Association showed up in my mail box on Wednesday I opened it right away. I went online and renewed with a monthly deduction. 

It was a week after the election of Donald Trump and I wasn’t taking any chances. Those bastards have their sights on Medicare and pensions and if it weren’t for the IRTA, Quinn, Rauner and Madigan would have us eating cat food by now.

Thursday our local unit of the IRTA had our quarterly luncheon at the local Elks Club in Des Plaines. Since it is close to Thanksgiving, turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes was on the menu.

The table talk was Trump but also the mess in Springfield.

No state has gone this long without a budget since the Great Depression. I’m talking about the one in 1929, not 2008.

One of the results of this state of affairs is that payments from the state to the Teacher Retirement System are habitually late. There are those in the state way more vulnerable than we are, but it is a stress that those way over 65 could do without.

Our featured speaker was Jim Bachman, executive director of the IRTA. There wasn’t much new to report since not much has changed.

Rauner spent $50 million trying to go after opponents of his Turnaround Agenda in the legislature. He gained two seats in the Senate and four in the House for his trouble. The Senate is still a veto proof opposition and the House lost their veto proof majority. But wavering and bought-off Democrats never really provided a veto proof majority anyway.

Is it possible that Illinois will go four years without a budget?

Hell yes, it’s possible.

Following lunch and the talk from Jim, I said my goodbyes.  It was good to see everyone. It’s going to be a long four years. We need each other more than ever.

2 Replies to “Keeping retirement weird. Retired teachers meet for the first lunch of the Trump era.”

  1. Dear Fred,

    I agree completely.

    Every retiree should join now. I.R.T.A. for us is what General Grant was for Lincoln. When Lincoln was asked why he picked Grant over other “well connected” Generals to lead the Union Army, Lincoln simply replied “He fights!” That is exactly what we need.

    Time to leave all the faux “leaders” (who claim to be looking out for us while really doing NOTHING) behind. Go with the group that actually stands up for us and fights, rather than just throw us under the bus.

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