5 Replies to “Tony at the Red Line Tap.”

  1. I wish we all could create a filter where we don’t have to see or hear any clown pronouncements for the next 4 years. I would like to see some of the news but cannot stand to hear or see anything he is doing since it is all so horrible. Jeff Sessions??? How many times has he been outed as a stone cold racist? Why are these people even being considered? What a stupid question.

    At least the local newscasts are so formulaic that one can find the weather fairly easily and ignore the rest. So Sad for this country and for our planet. Just so sad. After 8 years of a super-intelligent, sophisticated, empathetic, classy president who most of us are still proud of, and we end up with this hideous creature. My brain still is spinning.

    1. Barb–sure you will read Fred’s next post, w/John Dillon’s synopsis of Bernie Sanders’ Naperville appearance last night. Most importantly, he said,
      “You don’t have the right to say ‘I’m hopeless,’ because it’s not about you–it’s about your kids and your grandkids and this planet. Please–for the future of this planet–you don’t have the privilege of giving up and living in despair.”
      Great words from a great man who’s NOT giving up

      1. Thanks, retired. I did indeed read the next post by John Dillon. Bernie gave me hope, tenuous as it may be. Grieving takes a bit of time but then action must follow. Thanks for reminding me!

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