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  1. This is a surreal time, like the passengers on the titanic after it hit the iceberg, but before it went down. Trying to get Democratic Representatives and Senators to work as a group has often been described as trying to lead a herd of cats. When Obama was first elected, the Democrats had control of both houses and the white house. Walmart accepted the fact that card-check and unionization were going to happen, they even put in a new CEO who had experience running a unionized operation. Imagine their surprise and delight when the Democrats did not get around to card-check or much of anything else that they had promised to labor. “Repeal WEP/GPO? We’re busy, we will look at that next year, after the mid-term elections”. They lost their house majority and they were pretty much stopped ever since. Blue-dogs and Dinos did not help the situation.
    The Republicans on the other hand, behave like a wolf pack. Remember their “Contract with America” a couple decades ago? Anti-union, anti-worker, anti-teacher, anti-middle class and gifts to the uppermost 1% were passed rapidly in the house. The senate would pass the bills with safeguards added for workers and teachers. They then went to the House-Senate committee where the bills would come out with the Senate safeguards removed. New, unnoticed things were even snuck into some of the budget bills that no one even can pin down which Republican added it into the bill. Now, with a Republican majority in both the House and Senate and Presidency, they won’t have to sneak anything in, they are going to run roughshod over us!
    An example of what is ahead, the CEO of the Dakota Access Pipeline has already said they will not re-route the pipeline. Also he said their regular steel pipeline is very safe, with no need to upgrade to stainless steel where it crosses rivers and lakes. He did say he is willing to meet with tribal leaders to explain to them how safe it is, and how there is nothing to protest about. (Translation: We don’t care about what you think, we’re going to do what we want.)
    This is going to be a rough 4 years, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

  2. Don’t know who anon is but he/she seems to speak the truth. The dems never listened to or worked for the middle class so large sectors deserted the party. When they had the chance, nothing was done. But when the repugs won the majority, they somehow worked in such lockstep as to put the Nazi hordes of the 1930s to shame. They blocked anything sent to them by Obama and they refused to even meet with him to discuss issues. Now we have the dems who write a pitiful letter asking that bannon be removed. That’s their big move. Not all the dems, just most. They can’t even agree on the removal of something like bannon. They were asking, begging, not demanding. This group will certainly not be the brake on any train. And the next 4 years will indeed be disastrous if they don’t grow a pair quickly.

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