Logan Square to Standing Rock.

From Standing Rock to Logan Square.

Michael Klonsky and Susan Klonsky hosted a packed house to hear from a group of Logan Square students, members of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, tell stories of their journey last month to Standing Rock, North Dakota.

I was spell bound as these young Mexican Americans explained what they learned about themselves, their indigenous roots and the connections between struggles here and at Standing Rock.

Thousands of Native People and their supporters have gathered in Standing Rock. As many as a 150 different tribes have gathered to stop the destruction of Native land and threats to the environment.

While President Obama has been slow to respond to nationwide protests, nobody expects President Trump to act on behalf of the water, tribal rights or the planet.

For many of the young Logan Square students it was their first trip away from home.

The first time camping.

The first time sleeping in a tent.

And the first time meeting tribal elders with whom they shared a common history on this continent, in this hemisphere.

One Reply to “Logan Square to Standing Rock.”

  1. So important that Mike & Susan have been doing this. One of the things Bernie urged people to do was to “tell the children” about the history of discrimination, about what’s going on.
    This is especially crucial as, this morning, I was both furious & sick to hear WBBM Newsradio top-of-the-hour world headline news FINALLY report on Standing Rock. What was their report?
    “Protestors at in North Dakota threw rocks and burning sticks…water was sprayed on them, but it froze, causing numbers to be treated for injuries…”
    Sickening, slanted reporting–those poor police-state troopers (has the public even seen what this militia–replete w/tank-like, armored vehicles–looks like, aside from on “Democracy Now!” or RT News w/Ed Schultz?) were “protecting” themselves from those “violent protestors” by dousing them with injury-causing frozen water.

    We’re returning to a Selma, Alabama, half a century ago. Disgusting, & not to be tolerated.

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