Random thoughts. Doubling down.

randomnumber_wordleCheck out my brothers blog post this morning about the meeting of union leaders and New York Governor Cuomo.

…Also present were city teachers union president Michael Mulgrew and his predecessor, Randi Weingarten, who now leads the American Federation of Teachers. Both were warring with Cuomo just two years ago…

Good grief!

After manipulating an endorsement of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, national teacher union leaders are doubling down on the loser wing of the Democratic Party.

The (not)funny part of the union leadership’s  Hillary-manipulations to block Sanders is that I have no doubt that most of the union membership supported Clinton anyway. The leadership is so used to manipulation and stealing that they can’t help themselves.

They steal what they already own.

At the national level it appears that the unions are preparing to work with the loser wing of the Democratic Party once again to block the Progressive wing.

Will they work to get Keith Ellison or another Progressive chosen as head of the DNC?

What do you think?

What about here in Illinois?

It is less than two years until Governor Rauner presumably runs again. As of today there is no Progressive option.

Like Trump, it seems Rauner’s re-election is improbable. He is down in polls.

Those who think Rauner is a sure thing to lose to a Regular Democrat, to lose without a working families candidate in opposition are whistling past the graveyard.

One can hope for and work for a Progressive alternative to emerge.

But think back three years. First the IEA backed the state Chairman of ALEC for governor with millions of PAC dollars. Then they spent millions to save the pension thief Pat Quinn.

It did not, could not and will not work.

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