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  1. I see where inexplicable irregularities have been found in the Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania electronic voting results, they may have been hacked. The Democrats should call for a recount.

    1. Agree, but to affect/change any results, I believe it may have to come from HRC or the Clinton Campaign (that was the case given the Dem primaries). Of course, this being a general election, perhaps not.
      So much election fraud & voter suppression all over the place. As such, once again, we ask for people to help monitor the ongoing 5% after election audit at the Chicago Board of Elections Warehouse–1869 Pershing Rd., Chicago.
      We need people this Friday, for a full-day shift (7:30 AM-approx. 6 PM, w/a fifteen minute AM break, & a 1 1/2 hour lunch, & a 15-minute PM break), or a half-day shift. Even if we agree with the results, officials in charge of elections STILL need to know that we, the people, are watching, in order to insure the future protection of our, our kids’ & our grandkids’ votes.
      Will put up response link in a few.

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