About Trump from your neighbor, Karl.


Karl (on right) and me.

-By Karl-Heinz Gabbey. My friend Karl is a retired teacher and activist. He is a Democratic Party precinct captain in the Chicago suburbs.

I wrote this just over two months ago and gave this to the constituents in my precinct before the election:

What will a Trump presidency be like? His personality reveals everything: He’s a supreme narcissist: In his own mind, he makes no mistakes and can’t lose. He has no inhibitions, morals, or scruples. He acts only on impulse. He has no conscience that tells him what’s right and wrong. He lacks any compassion or empathy for others. He’s deceitful and manipulative. Trump is a compulsive liar who’ll say anything to enrich or aggrandize himself. He’s ignorant and lacks any curiosity, since he’s already “the smartest guy in the world” and “Trump knows best.” The rights of others mean nothing to him. He tolerates no one who questions his motives or actions. Clearly, Trump is not presidential material!

Trump’s caters to our worst instincts. His overt racism, misogyny, anti-immigrant rants, Islamophobia, and bullying have already had an impact. Trump encourages and legitimizes racists, mysogynists, xenophobes, and anti-semites who feel comfortable displaying their hatred at his rallies. Like Hitler or Stalin, he’ll turn neighbor against neighbor. If elected, Trump will only create turmoil and misery for the vast majority of Americans. The handwriting is on the wall.

One of his frightening traits is his “thin skin” and the accompanying vindictive streak that makes Trump lash out against people who “offend” him. The evidence is in the manner he tweets; in his unbridled conduct during the Republican primary debates; and his thousands of outstanding law suits. His call for the “prosecution” of Hillary Clinton is baseless, dangerous, unprecedented in the history of American electoral politics and purely vindictive. Compulsive vindictiveness will cause Trump to abuse his powers as president. The looming questions are how and to what extent?

Trump will appoint Yes-men to his cabinet and put other Yes-men in charge of all federal agencies and the courts. They won’t be advisers; their jobs are to serve and to flatter him. He thrives on flattery and fears criticism. His attorney general will be a Trump sociopath, as will all the federal attorneys he appoints. His Justice Department will be staffed by people who will do unwarranted investigations into the lives of his opponents who’ll be subjected later to show trials that will be broadcast on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. He’ll fill the Appellate and Supreme Courts with Trump “justices” who’ll be far more radical than Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts, or Kennedy. Justice, as we’ve known it since the Founding Fathers, will disappear. Law, according to the Constitution, will cease. Civil liberties, like the “freedom of speech,” will no longer exist. The United States will fall under laws entirely according to the whims of Trump.

Regulatory agencies like the IRS, EPA, and FCC, etc. as we know them will undergo changes. These agencies will be transformed and abused by Trump to go after political opponents to settle scores or to undo any regulations that he, Trump, considers bothersome. Regardless of guilt or innocence, the IRS will be used to “investigate,” to prosecute, and to eliminate individual political opponents, opposition political parties, or groups he doesn’t like. Count on it!

An FCC (Federal Communications Commission) under Trump will radically change our media, including the internet. Program content will resemble that of Russia, China or North Korea where censorship and propaganda are the rule. Access to information will be limited exclusively to what Trump thinks is “best” for us. Above all, he’ll use the media as a tool to intimidate or to persecute any political opposition.

Public education from kindergarten to graduate school will be replaced by fly-by-night private, for-profit schools that’ll use his fraudulent “Trump University” as their “business model.” Trump will create educational and cultural blight that has no precedent in American history. His slogan, “Make America Great (Again?),” is emptiness on steroids.

A Trump-controlled EPA will readily allow water and air pollution, as well as ground contamination. It will be a Trump tool that will destroy our environment rather than to protect it. Trump refutes the stark, scientifically based realities of global warming. He has stated so repeatedly. (Hello,Trump: No life on Earth can exist without a healthy environment.)

Despite some qualms, Trump’s presidency will have the support of the majority of the Republican Party. The Congress will be composed of loyal Trump Republican Yes-men whose goals coincide with his: tax cuts for himself and the wealthy, elimination of the estate tax, elimination of Social Security, Medicare, the Affordable Care Act as starters.

If Trump has his way, we’ll be at war forever. He has said as much. He has no idea of the destructive power of nuclear weapons that can kill millions and make Earth uninhabitable. His access to the nuclear codes is beyond frightening.

Never underestimate Trump. If he has his way, the above scenario will be the reality and he’ll render us, the citizens, powerless to do anything about it. He’ll create George Orwell’s vision of “1984,” and he’ll have the technology and the organs of government to tyrannize the rest of us. Such an apocalyptic nightmare is possible with a Trump presidency.

Your neighbor, Karl

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