Betsy DeVos, billionaire donor and school privatizer, is the new EdSec.


Well, for those worried about Michelle Rhee as Education Secretary, your worries are over.

Michigan heiress and opponent of public schools got the job.

Even some Democrats must  be secretly gleeful.

Betsy is real serious about choice and accountability

DeVos is Michelle Rhee except she is a registered Republican instead of a Democrat for educational reform. And pro-charter for real. And anti-union and anti-public education.

Several days ago Diane Ravitch mockingly endorsed her. Some of her readers didn’t get the joke, so she had to pull back her mocking.

A few days ago, I said that I support Michigan billionaire and hard-right voucher advocate Betsy DeVos, because she would show the world that “reformers” are out to destroy our public schools. No ambiguity there. She would demonstrate the close link between “reform” and the rightwing.

But I hereby formally withdraw my support for DeVos’s candidacy. To be sure, it was meant in jest, but many readers failed to see the humor in supporting someone who would totally privatize education.

Why am I withdrawing my support? Well, I just learned that DeVos has more flaws than I thought.

When Betsy’s name first was floated I posted how she paid for my stalker, Ben Velderman.

Betsy DeVos is a member of the family which has given tons of bucks to anti-public education groups and causes, including those who engage in extremist union bashing. Included among those receiving DeVos family funding was the Education Action Group.

DeVos, 58, is a former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and was a driving force behind a failed 2000 ballot proposal to amend the state Constitution to create a voucher system allowing taxpayer funds to support students attending nonpublic schools.

My union activity was why I was singled out. I was a politically active local union president.

By the way. Betsy’s brother is Erik Prince, founder and former CEO of the security firm Blackwater Worldwide that was banned from Iraq after the fatal shootings of 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007.

Forget about Michelle Rhee.

The attack on public schools, teachers and unions will continue.

The union-haters and charter lovers can break out the champagne.


6 Replies to “Betsy DeVos, billionaire donor and school privatizer, is the new EdSec.”

    1. Jon–like that title “Embarrassador.” Goes in the Wickedtionary, along with “villainthropists,” “Dinocrats,” “Dumbocrats,” etc.
      Also–fare thee well, Gov. Christie. Seems like your “15 minutes of fame” are up. (Not) Sorry you’ll not have a national bully pulpit. Sorry, New Jersey…hope you won’t have to put up w/that last part too much longer.

  1. Randi is on Chis Hayes distinguishing Arne from the Koch brothers associate Trumpf just appointed. It reruns at 10 if you want to scream at them and say the whole anti education movement would have been stopped by a President Bernie Sanders.

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