One Reply to “Remembering Harold.”

  1. I remember when I was in my early years of teaching. There was no internet. My main source of news came from my car radio or the Sun Times that I bought on the way to work every morning. On one particular cold, Monday morning, the Bears had played a big game the day before in Soldier Field. A Sun Times staff photographer snapped a real nice picture of Mayor Washington who was at the game. He was out doors. Can’t even recall if they had sky boxes back then? He looked like he was bundled for a Yukon adventure. He had a big cigar in his mouth. It was such a cool, non-political photo of our new Mayor just chilling’ at a Bears game. I called the photographer and asked him if he could sell me a print of the negative. He said yes, but I balked at his price. Can’t recall what the price was, but I wish I hadn’t balked. That picture was a classic. Perhaps some of the readers here may recall having seen it in the Times on that cold, Monday morning. I miss you Harold!

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