Corporate reformers are phony agnostics about Trump’s choice of DeVos.


It is not like DT’s choice for education secretary Betsy DeVos comes with no history.

So it is instructive that so many corporate school reformers have responded to the pick as if they know nothing about her.

She is not an unknown quantity.

Education Post’s  charter front man Peter Cunningham writes,

Betsy DeVos is a well-known proponent of school choice, but her home state of Michigan, where she has played an active role in expanding choice, has a mixed record on charter school authorizing and accountability. As the U.S. Secretary of Education, her job will be to fight for all children by advocating for accountability in all schools—including traditional and public charter—and more high-quality educational options where they are both wanted and needed.

We are hopeful that, under her leadership, the U.S. Department of Education will continue to protect children of every race, income level, background and ability by speaking out against discrimination, intolerance and bullying, by encouraging high standards, and by demanding absolute transparency around results and robust systems of accountability.

America’s children are counting on her.

Hopeful? That would be no children I know.

Dropout Nation’s RiShawn Biddle seems to have Googled DeVos and has issues. But he also remains hopeful.

Your editor cannot congratulate DeVos on her nomination. What I, along with other reformers such as Democrats for Education Reform, can do is pray that she does the right thing for all of our children, no matter who they are or where they live, in spite of being part of an incoming administration that has not one concern for them. And stand up against any efforts by the Trump Administration to damage their futures.

The president of Democrats for Education Reform, Shavar Jeffries, did congratulate the DT nomination of DeVos.

DFER congratulates Betsy DeVos on her appointment as Secretary of Education, and we applaud Mrs. DeVos’s commitment to growing the number of high-quality public charter schools.

For the corporate reformers the pro-choice DeVos is everything they could hope for in a Trump Department of Education.

“I’ve been in politics for some time,” said Betsy in 2013.  “And I had been chair of the Michigan Republican Party for a few years. In response to the defeat of the proposed constitutional amendment I started a political action committee in Michigan called the Great Lakes Education Project, which was devoted to promoting education reform through the expansion of charter schools in the state. Over the course of two years—from 2001 through 2002—our work in Michigan was so successful that some of our friends in the movement began to say, ‘We really need to do this nationally.’ And I said, ‘Yes, I think we do.’”

For the rest of us who care about America’s public schools and students, we know from DeVos’s record that she will be a disaster.


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