Chicago strike day. O’Hare. McDonald’s. Northwestern. The return of the working class.


O’Hare looking for scab labor in the neighborhood?

It is 7AM and in a few hours I will be taking the CTA to O’Hare to support baggage handlers, janitors, airplane cabin cleaners and wheelchair attendants, who are not unionized and who want to be represented by SEIU Local 1.

I will be bringing my camera to share pictures with you

It is Chicago Strike Day.

Workers will be at McDonald’s demanding a minimum $15 an hour wage. McDonald’s workers will be rallying at the corporate owned store at Damen and Chicago Avenue early this morning.

At 9:15 a.m. workers and supporters will head to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in the River North neighborhood where they will march and hold a rally and press conference. Hospital workers are demanding $15 an hour. Northwestern Memorial Hospital is one of the biggest and most profitable hospitals in the country.

An early morning Facebook post from my friend and union organizer, Sara Saheb:

Dang, the O’Hare CTA station is dead. Nearly 100% of early morning United airlines contracted out workers are still at home asleep in bed.

Airline and contractor management are down here totally freaking out.

Were they hoping for scabs to save their ass?

Are those flyers for scab labor I have seen around Logan Square?

Aside from the great importance of the issues of union representation, collective bargaining and a living wage, we appear to be witnessing the return of The Working Class.

For a long time all we heard about was The Middle Class. Middle Class Families. Middle Class Workers. Good Middle Class Jobs.

Since the election of Donald Trump I have never heard so much as I have heard recently about the working class.

It seems every day brings another article or report analyzing The Working Class voter.

Some mistakenly refer to it as the white working class, perhaps as a result of not actually being around a member of the working class and noticing we are not all the same color or nationality or gender.

It is difficult to describe the average worker in the U.S. as in the middle when the average boss makes 250 times what we make.

Striking workers at O’Hare don’t even approach that bar.

Strike Day in Chicago.

The return of The Working Class.

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