Not enough votes for democracy in the Illinois legislature.


Senate Bill 250 would have had eligible Illinois citizens automatically registered to vote when they have contact with certain state agencies. For most, they would be registered when they obtain or renew a driver’s license.

As with early voting, the bill would have expanded voting rights and democracy.

Naturally the Governor and Illinois Republicans opposed it.

Governor Rauner vetoed it.

The Illinois Senate voted to override the Governor’s veto.

Michael Madigan’s House failed yesterday to do the same.

Even though Madigan’s House technically has a veto-proof majority, four Dems didn’t vote or were not present: DeLuca, Harper, Thapedi and Reaves-Harris.

Thapedi apparently wasn’t in town to vote. Reaves-Harper is ill.

Not a single Republican voted for the override, even though the bill drew GOP support when it passed the House by a 86-30 vote in May.

Thirteen Republicans who voted for the bill last spring switched and voted against the override.

Just Democracy Illinois, a coalition of religious, community and civil rights organizations, voiced disappointment at the failure of the override effort.

“SB250 was a carefully crafted piece of legislation that was the product of 18 months of conscientous, bipartisan negotiation,” said Andy Kang, Legal Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago. “This bill would have modernized our electronic voter registration system, made our voter rolls more accurate and secure, and saved taxpayers money over time. It is a shame that partisan political games derailed a common-sense bill that passed with broad-based bipartisan support just a few months ago.”

“Legislators had the opportunity today to show Illinoisans exhausted from months of divisive political campaign rhetoric that they could work together in a bipartisan, proactive and productive way,” said Trevor Gervais, Lead Organizer with Common Cause Illinois. “Instead, Governor Rauner forced Republican legislators to vote against smart legislation that they supported in the past, knowing that the Governor would spend millions to unseat them if they voted their conscience. Decisions should be made by local elected officials and their constituents, not billionaire donors.”

2 Replies to “Not enough votes for democracy in the Illinois legislature.”

  1. He never really had that supermajority with Dunkin and Franks …and Drury….but there are some seats that Hillary won that should have been picked off. I would start taking revenge on downstatevred and I am a downstater……first dont bail out exelon call their bluff and let cordova and clinton become nuke waste dumps…….hey elections have consequences……..and that is just a start.

  2. Interestingly (or nauseatingly is how I’d–& many of us–would phrase it)
    enough, Trevor’s statement, “…Governor Rauner forced Republican legislators to vote against smart legislation that they supported in the past, knowing that the Governor would spend millions to defeat them if they voted their conscience…” Hmm…where have we seen that scenario played out before? Oh, right…in the House, on the Democratic side, under House Speaker Madigan, spending whatever monies & influence to defeat “his” Dem House legislators. Only now, it’s possible, we’re not in Madiganistan (attributed to John Kass, I believe) anymore, Dorothy.
    Whatever ILL-Annoy is/isn’t, for sure, it’s a State of Chaos.
    Run, Toto, run!
    (Another thought: while listening to news that people in CA & Texas {“Texit”} have started secession petitions after the election, we couldn’t possibly have such a movement in ILL-Annoy!) Lately, I’ve talked to more people who want to leave the state as opposed to fleeing to Canada (or some other country).

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