Get it in writing? It is in writing. It’s called the pension protection clause of the Illinois Constitution.


Senate President John Cullerton.

Michael Madigan’s veto-proof majority in the Illinois House could not override a Rauner veto of the CPS budget bill that would have put $215 million into the hands of the unelected Chicago school board and relieve – at least briefly – the CPS pension debt.

Crain’s Greg Hinz purports to give the inside scoop of what happened last week. He portrays Senate President John Cullerton as the good guy, the honest broker between Madigan and Rauner.

That is arguable.

Everybody is pointing fingers at everybody for the veto and failure to override.

The truth is that Rauner owns this.

As CTU President Karen Lewis told me last week, Rauner cannot be trusted to keep his word about anything

In bargaining a contract with the teachers, the unelected board had cashed a $215 million check before the money was in the bank.

The truth is that Cullerton’s pension reform plan was never going to fly even if the legislature passed it. it would die in the chambers of the Illinois Supreme Court.

It is an attempt to change for the worse the pension obligation that the state has towards current state employees.

Cullerton may truly believe that he could renegotiate the conditions of a pension contract by limiting or diminishing benefits. He may truly believe it would result in a court decision different than Kanerva or SB1.

It wouldn’t.

Some think the problem with all the different versions of what happened last week would have been fixed by having the deal put in writing.

It is in writing.

It’s called the Illinois Constitution.

One Reply to “Get it in writing? It is in writing. It’s called the pension protection clause of the Illinois Constitution.”

  1. Perhaps the Chicago cast of “Hamilton” needs to school Cullerton, Rauner & any other ILL-Annoy legislators on our state constitution.
    Cast members, find out who’s in the audience, please!

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