Blaming teachers. I am a “negative demographic change.” I ain’t dead yet.


Standing among the Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors at the Field Museum, created for the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang, who died in 210 BCE. He’s dead and I’m not, making me a negative demographic change

I had some time on my hands this afternoon after coming back from seeing the amazing terra cotta warriors from China at the Field museum.

Because of that extra time I got into a Twitter debate with some folks about teacher blaming and shaming.

Three of them blamed teachers for electing Trump. We were blamed on two counts: We don’t teach civics well enough.

And 1 in 5 teachers are estimated to have voted for Trump.

I agree that the 20% of our profession that voted for the guy should be ashamed of themselves.

But that means 80% of us teachers didn’t vote for Trump. I only know of a couple of demographic groups with a better voting number against Trump than that.

When I responded with that I was told I wasn’t being reflective enough.

Sorry. I’ll try harder.

Then I read from Greg Hinz in Crain’s that the pension problem exists because not enough teachers are dead yet.

We are what is now called a “negative demographic change.”

Teachers are to blame for this too. Not the failure of the state to pay what they owe for over 7 decades.


From my point of view it is a positive demographic change. Particularly because, for the time being, it includes me.

And I’m not sorry.

8 Replies to “Blaming teachers. I am a “negative demographic change.” I ain’t dead yet.”

  1. These are the same people who only look at test results for school evaluation. Civics takes time away from tested subjects. Teachers know, damned well, that tests are all that matter. Tell these fools that their insistence on testing, test results and corporate reform makes their complaint about civics moot.

  2. Those that want grandparents, mentors, and their very own (now retired) teachers dead to “save money” are the true deplorables.

  3. Civics, along with other important subjects are not on the “teach for the test” list. All those needless tests alone take up large amounts of time that would otherwise be used for actual teaching.

  4. Teachers are the ruin of civilization again! Some folks said that over forty years ago. I also blame them for warts, athlete’s foot, and hangnails. I never realized that they were that powerful!

  5. Fred, to TRS, you’re a baby in the woods. The average annuitant retires at age 59 and is in retirement an average of 28 years. Don’t expect to see the Grim Reaper anytime soon.

  6. Hello. Your blog is just what I needed and not because I think I will agree with everything. I am a retired teacher as well. At the age of 33. Oh, oopps. That’s not considered being retired? Well, I guess I just left then. Part of the reason being teacher blame and shame but now teachers are being blamed for Trump? I have never heard that one but I’m not surprised. Thank you for your candor and humor and I look forward to following.

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