Chicago’s retiree health care crisis for those the Mayor calls “entrenched interests.”


Last November I posted Jeff Johnson’s letter to the Mayor. He represents those the Mayor calls “entrenched interests.”

In less than a month 10,000 Chicago retired workers will have their health care insurance terminated by the City of Chicago.

Rahm calls it a blow against entrenched interests.

During his Oct. 11 budget address to the City Council, Emanuel lumped the phaseout of the retiree health care subsidy into the pot of “tough decisions” he has made to cut the city’s structural deficit by 80 percent.

“How did we get this done? We took on entrenched interests in some cases and inertia in the system in others that were preventing us from making some tough decisions and common sense choices,” the mayor said on that day. “We saved $100 million in health care costs, and our employee health care budget is level with 2011.”

Me? I call the City’s one-percent the entrenched interests. The Zells, the Pritzkers, Christopher Kennedy – people like that for whom health insurance isn’t really a problem.

Not a 75-year old retiree who worked for 30 years at Streets and San and isn’t Medicare eligible.

But that’s the difference between Rahm and me.

Fran Spielman lays it out in today’s Sun-Times.

4 Replies to “Chicago’s retiree health care crisis for those the Mayor calls “entrenched interests.””

  1. Well, I believe Rahm’s bio-ethicist brother once said that it would be okay if he (the brother) died when he was 75…so I guess that every other 75-year-old (esp. those who worked at Streets & San for 30 years, & not Medicare eligible) should be okay w/Dr. Emanuel’s assessment, as well.

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