2 Replies to “Living too long.”

  1. Part of the Trump/Rahm/Rauner agenda. With retirees being thrown off any group insurance, and with no subsidy or Obamacare, insurance becomes an unaffordable joke. At least those with Medicare have some protection, but Republicans have plans to cut that as well. The latest statistics show that life expectancy is going up for the very wealthy, and those with good insurance. The life expectancy is going down for those without good insurance, and on a limited pension. So when Rahm throws city retirees overboard, they end up with premiums that can take most or all of their income, $3500 deductibles, and find many of their medicines are not covered. They are forced to use medicines that often are not as effective or some don’t work at all. Tests that doctors would recommend, but are not covered or would cost them $3500 are put off because they can’t afford them. All of these things lower the retirees life expectancy, and that lowers pension costs for Rahm. The sooner the retirees die off the sooner the pension checks stop.

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