To me ten years is a long time. Four million is a big number.

It was in the summer of 2007 that I came over to WordPress and began producing a blog on this platform.

I was still teaching so my writing, reporting and drawing was limited to time at home or weekends.

Some critics swore I was blogging from the classroom. They obviously had never been in a room with 25 to 30 five to eleven year-olds.

The students had my full attention. They had better have it.

When I began I was still president (for those who wonder where “PREAPREZ” comes from) of my union local, the Park Ridge Eduction Association. There was never any question that I would blog under my own name, but I was always careful to make clear that I was expressing my own views and not necessarily representing the views of my local’s members, the IEA or the NEA. And I never wrote about particular students or colleagues.

This didn’t stop some leaders of the IEA from attacking me as anti-union when my views differed form theirs, as they inevitably must in what should be a democratic organization.

And it didn’t stop the real union-haters, like the DeVos family-funded Education Action Group, from successfully filing a FOIA request for my emails and personnel file.

For a few years before coming to WordPress I blogged on a couple other platforms. I figure I have been at this for about ten years.

One day after the new year I will reach four million views.

Four million just surprises the hell out of me.  I have no idea h0w this compares to other blogs. But I’m not really looking for market share.

The only compensation is that apparently people find the blog interesting, useful or it gets some angry. Sometimes at me.

Frankly, I have fewer daily views than when we were in the middle of the pension battle. I think that is understandable. I expect that Trump will pick things up a bit.

This is not a theoretical journal. I try to be connected to the things I and working class people are fighting for

To me ten years of blogging is a long time.

To me four million is a big number.

6 Replies to “To me ten years is a long time. Four million is a big number.”

  1. Congrats Fred. It has expanded beyond pensions but in so many ways our pensions are at the nexus of all that is going on . I would urge everyone read the front page story on Hostess and so called private equity on page one of today’s New York Times.

  2. Congratulations, Fred. Your are a increasingly important voice for the 99% and, more important, the lower 50%. Kudos! and LONG LIFE…

  3. Fred, I will always be a faithful reader. I appreciate your blog and your dedication. You keep us informed about all issues in a more comprehensive way than any blog or newspaper. Thank you.

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