The Russians at work again? Democrats considering Pritzker and Kennedy for Illinois governor.


It is now the Democratic Party’s official excuse that Hillary lost because of Russian interference.

It was the Russians and not voter suppression.

Or it was fake news.

Hillary lost because of fake news.

Or it was Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

There was also Edward Snowden. Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders.

And that guy Johnson who didn’t know what an Aleppo was.

And, of course, FBI Director James Comey.

And the Russians.

Mostly the Russians.

But it wasn’t about the Democrats picking Hillary, a pillar of the center-right wing of the Democratic Party and a symbol of all that people have grown to detest in electoral politics.

By every poll and measure, Hillary was the most disliked candidate in recent history.

Second only to the guy who won.

And now I suspect that with the race for Governor of Illinois less than 18 months away and with a chance to oust the most viciously anti-worker governor, the Russians are at it again.

What else can explain the fact that with Bruce Rauner’s polling running in the low 30s, and among the country’s most unpopular governors, the Democrats are considering running billionaire family members, J.B. Pritzker and Christopher Kennedy , to run against him.

The only reason these two are being considered – aside from support from the Russians – is that they are filthy rich.

A match-up between billionaires can only have one possible outcome. And not a good one for the working families of Illinois.

Last time the choice was between a union-hater and a pension thief.

I’m pretty sure the Russians had their hands in that one too.

7 Replies to “The Russians at work again? Democrats considering Pritzker and Kennedy for Illinois governor.”

  1. I guess I agree that the democrats are a joke. I disagree that the activities of Russia are….we have a real possibility that a Russian agent walks into the White House and that the main beneficiary of a US Chinese war would be Russia.

  2. Got to correct that first statement…Democrats are a total joke. Russians are not they are connected with the global racists and openly funding Le Pen.There is a lot of Irony in this since Hitler did plan on killing all Slavs.

      1. I am referring to funding various right wing European outfits like national front…alternative for Deutchland…can’t deny us racism looks alive and well to me…and the Russians would sure enjoy seeing us destroyed by it.

  3. Out of everything I’ve read & seen thus far (&, trust me, I’ve read/seen way too much), this is my favorite (from the Wed., 11/16/16 Chicago Tribune):

    ‘”It’s like the country broke up with you, but you realize that you should not have been dating anyway.”

    –Kara Durrette, an organizer of an anti-Trump picnic in Sliver Lake Meadow, CA, where 500 people gathered to discuss how to go forward after Hillary Clinton’s defeat for the White House and to diffuse their anger at the upcoming Trump administration.'”

  4. This comes from Democracy Now:

    Could Massive Russian Oil Deal with Exxon Explain Why Putin Appears to Have Meddled in US Election?

    “…One of the enormous deals that Vladimir Putin and Rex Tillerson worked on was a $500 billion oil exploration partnership between Exxon and the Russian government’s oil company, Rosneft. The Obama administration blocked the deal when it imposed sanctions against Russia for its intervention in the Ukraine. In a recent column for ThinkProgress titled “Trump, Putin, and ExxonMobil team up to destroy the planet,” Joe Romm, founding editor of Climate Progress, writes, “This deal could explain why Putin appears to have interfered in U.S. elections in favor of a Trump victory.” Romm goes on to say, “if the sanctions are lifted—something a new Secretary of State could help make happen—it would pay off big time for Exxon. … Imagine … if the oil giant is freed to produce and sell oil on the staggering 63.7 million acres of Russian land it leases, which is over 5 times the amount of land it leases in this country. Happy days are here again, for Exxon.”

  5. This slightly off topic, but one that I think bears consideration. Trump has stated that he believes wealthy people have superior genes. Now we know that he likes Ann Rand who states that there are parasitic moochers and the superior innovators. How long before his loyal followers see that he has nothing to offer?
    Headline from the Washington Post: Ayn Rand-acolyte Donald Trump stacks his cabinet with fellow objectivists BY JAMES HOHMANN

    – Ayn Rand was perhaps the leading literary voice in 20th century America for the notion that, in society, there are makers and takers, and that the takers are parasitic moochers who get in the way of the morally-superior innovators. Her books portray the federal government as an evil force, trying to stop hard-working men from accumulating the wealth that she believes they deserve. …

    THE BIG IDEA: Donald Trump has decided to risk a confirmation fight, officially nominating ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson to be secretary of state this morning. Tillerson and Trump had no previous relationship, but the Texas oilman and the New York developer hit it off when they met face to face. One of the things that they have in common is their shared affection for the works of Ayn Rand, the libertarian heroine who celebrated laissez-faire capitalism.

    The president-elect said this spring that he’s a fan of Rand and identifies with Howard Roark, the main character in “The Fountainhead.”

    Tillerson prefers “Atlas Shrugged,” Rand’s novel about John Galt secretly organizing a strike of the creative class to hasten the collapse of the bureaucratic society. The CEO listed it as his favorite book in a 2008 feature for Scouting Magazine, according to biographer Steve Coll.

    — This has now officially become a trend. Trump is turning not just to billionaires but Randians to fill the cabinet:

    Andy Puzder, tapped by Trump last week to be secretary of labor, is an avid and outspoken fan of Rand’s books. One profiler last week asked what he does in his free time, and a friend replied that he reads Ayn Rand. …

    Mike Pompeo, who will have the now-very-difficult job of directing the Central Intelligence Agency for Trump, has often said that Rand’s works inspired him. “One of the very first serious books I read when I was growing up was Atlas Shrugged, and it really had an impact on me,” the Kansas congressman told Human Events in 2011.

    — Trump has been huddling with and consulting several other Rand followers for advice as he fills out his cabinet. John A. Allison IV, for example, met with Trump for about 90 minutes the week before last. “As chief executive of BB&T Corp., he distributed copies of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ to senior officers and influenced BB&T’s charitable arm to fund classes about the moral foundations of capitalism at a number of colleges,” the Journal noted in a piece about him. “Mr. Allison’s worldview was shaped when he was a college student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and stumbled across a collection of essays by Ms. Rand.”

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