If you are a teacher pension activist you will not be too busy at the NEA Leadership meeting in Orlando.


NEA pension activists will have plenty of time to visit Harry Potter World if they are heading for the Leadership Conference in Orlando in February.

I don’t love meetings, but I go.

When a labor or education group sends me a notice, I scan down the list of workshops or breakout sessions to check if there is anything about our pension fight.

I am usually disappointed, but not surprised, to find nothing. Ageism is a pervasive thing.

I left IEA Retired because I don’t think they fight for retired members.

I still get their email. I received the notice for their Leadership Summit in Orlando in February.

Three days at the Hyatt Regency.

Over a span of three days there is one session on the pension fight.

On the second day.

2:15 PM – 3:45 PM ORG338 ORG All Attacks on Our Pension Plans Using Bogus Paid-For “Research” – Whose Behind It and How to Counter It In this session, participants will learn ways to counter the groundswell of incorrect information about the viability of our pension plans which are being assailed by bogus paid-for “research.”

Countering incorrect information is certainly important. I can think of a couple other topics for pension activists.

If you are an NEA Retired member heading for Orlando you will have plenty of time for Harry Potter’s World at Universal. Bring the grandkids. I went with mine and it was fun.

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