Illinois Education Association is organizing buses to the Women’s March in Washington. Info here.

From: Crawford, Tim
Sent: Friday, December 09, 2016 11:01 PM
To: AllField; AllHQ
Subject: Women’s March on Washington
Importance: High


Dear Colleagues,

IEA is looking into booking two buses to transport members, IEA staff, friends and family to Washington, DC for the Women’s March on Washington set for Saturday January 21, 2017. This is an opportunity for those who are interested. One bus would leave from Lombard on Friday, January 20, 2017 and the other would leave from Springfield (PDC) at 6:30 PM. We need to gauge your interest in “getting on the bus” for this event. The cost per seat is $150. If there, is sufficient interest, we will book the buses. Use the “yes/no” buttons or reply (please do NOT hit “Reply All”) to this email to show interest. Please respond on or before Thursday, December 15, 2016.

Here are the details of the plan as we know them at the moment:

Departures and Arrivals for both buses

OUTBOUND TRIPS DEPART: Friday, January 20, 2017 6:30 PM

OUTBOUND TRIPS ARRIVE: Saturday, January 21, 10:00 AM

ARRIVES AT: Union Station, DC

RETURN TRIPS DEPART: Saturday, January 21, 6:30 PM*

*BUSES DEPART 45 MINUTES AFTER EVENT ENDS or 6:30 PM, whichever is earlier

BUSES DEPART FROM: Union Station, Washington, DC


CAPACITY: 53 seats


For each bus we would need:

COORDINATOR: To coordinate with bus company, bus captains, and Women’s March on Washington organizers

BUS CAPTAINS: We need a Captain for each bus. The Captain would be responsible for taking tickets from riders, maintaining a list of riders, and making sure that all riders are accounted for.

Other information for bus riders:

WE WILL SLEEP ON THE BUS. No hotel rooms.

WHAT TO BRING ON THE BUS: You can bring bags and small coolers on the bus with food, drinks and snacks, no glass bottles and food that isn’t “drippy” (no ice cream, etc.). We suggest a small backpack for the march with food and water. Food vendors may be overwhelmed in Washington, DC so it is best to be prepared with your own food. Bring a pillow and blanket if you wish. There is a space under the bus for larger items. Your stuff will be locked up on the bus while it is parked, but take purses and valuables just in case.

WHAT TO WEAR: Layers are recommended. January is usually cold and sometimes snowy in DC. Gloves, mittens, hats, ear muffs, scarves, long undies, whatever will keep you warm, dry and comfortable.

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