Rauner’s School Funding Commission: Cut $9,000 for each special education teacher, school psychologist, social worker, nurse.

Beverley Holden Johns

With Bev Johns.

This morning I received this from Bev Johns, Chair, ISELA – Illinois Special Education Coalition

“Illinois school code includes dozens of unfunded mandates over and above the requirements of IDEA.  These significantly increase the costs of educating children with disabilities.”

-CONSENSUS of Illinois School Funding Reform Commission

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Chair of the Commission, Governor Rauner’s Secretary of Education, Beth Purvis, specifically mentioned the 70/30 rule (no more than 30 percent of a general education classroom can be students with IEPs) as part of the rule that limits special education class sizes (which are not required by IDEA).

In addition under every proposal under consideration by the Commission special education Personnel Reimbursement of $9,000 for each special education teacher, school psychologist, social worker, nurse, etc. would be ELIMINATED.

As was stated Wednesday: “Many mandated categoricals WOULD GO AWAY.”

This is already true for Chicago Public Schools which is why Chicago almost every year reduces the number of special ed teachers and other special ed personnel because Chicago loses ZERO State money as it has a special ed Block Grant.

We have been able to defeat these proposals for the last two years BUT this year the Commission includes both Democrats and Republicans as well as staff of Governor Rauner.

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