What Woody Guthrie had to say about #AmericaFirst.


Mister Charlie Lindbergh
Words and Music by Woody Guthrie

Mister Charlie Lindbergh, he flew to old Berlin,
Got him a big Iron Cross, and he flew right back again
To Washington, Washington.

Mrs. Charlie Lindbergh, she come dressed in red,
Said: “I’d like to sleep in that pretty White House bed
In Washington, Washington.”

Lindy said to Annie: “We’ll get there by and by,
But we’ll have to split the bed up with Wheeler, Clark, and Nye
In Washington, Washington.”

Hitler wrote to Lindy, said “Do your very worst.”
Lindy started an outfit that he called America First
In Washington, Washington.

All around the country, Lindbergh he did fly,
Gasoline was paid for by Hoover, Clark, and Nye
In Washington, Washington.

Lindy said to Hoover: “We’ll do the same as France:
Make a deal with Hitler, and then we’ll get our chance.”
In Washington, Washington.

Then they had a meetin’, and all the Firsters come,
Come on a walk and they come on a run,
In Washington, Washington.

Yonder comes Father Coughlin, wearin’ the silver chain,
Gas on his stomach and Hitler on the brain.
In Washington, Washington.

Mr. John L. Lewis would sit and straddle a fence,
But his daughter signed with Lindbergh, and we ain’t seen her since
In Washington, Washington.

Hitler said to Lindy: “Stall ’em all you can,
Gonna bomb Pearl Harbor with the help of old Japan.”
In Washington, Washington.

Then on a December mornin’, the bombs come from Japan,
Wake Island and Pearl Harbor, kill fifteen hundred men.
In Washington, Washington

Now Lindy tried to join the army, but they wouldn’t let him in,
Afraid he’d sell to Hitler a few more million men.
In Washington, Washington

So I’m a-gonna tell you people, if Hitler’s gonna be beat,
The common workin’ people has got to take the seat
In Washington, Washington.

And I’m gonna tell you workers, ‘fore you cash in your checks:
They say “America First,” but they mean “America Next!”
In Washington, Washington.

7 Replies to “What Woody Guthrie had to say about #AmericaFirst.”

  1. We are so screwed! Right wing extremists have control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. National government of, by, and for the Robber-barons will start in January.
    Meanwhile here in Illinois, Rauner is about to plunge the state into financial meltdown unless Democrats pass his “Turnaround Agenda”, and a few cowardly Democrats are ready to do so, to give in to Rauner’s blackmail. Once they give in, Rauner will not stop until he has busted the already weakened unions and then he will try again to cut pensions. Rauner will back candidates for the Illinois Supreme Court who will disregard the Illinois constitution and go along with his schemes of pension theft. We must all keep reminding the Illinois Democrats to NOT give in to Rauner.

  2. Without music, no society survives. Emotional “death” is the start and cultural decline follows. Earning a grade of D, in a required course MUSIC APPRECIATION, as a playful college student, I knew then, as I know now, that ALL music (sound and lyric) is essential for cultural health. I appreciate music . Dr. Charles W. Birch, Morris , Illinois ( My music mantra : “TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL” crosby, et. al.)

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