Pat Quinn’s portrait. Before Trump there was Rauner.


More than likely the electoral college will elect Donald Trump as President today.

Here in Illinois, before there was Trump there was Rauner.

He was elected as our governor two years ago in a state that based on the demographics and party identification should have elected a Democrat to the office.

Except the Democrat was Pat Quinn who betrayed his union base and made his major legislative goal to go after public employee pensions. Tens of thousands of union members and state employees on a pension refused to vote the top of the ticket and Bruce Rauner was elected by a slim margin.

Sounds familiar.

As far as I know, the Russians were not involved.

The price of the betrayal by Quinn and the election of Bruce Rauner has been a disaster for Illinois’ working families, the poor and those needing state help and services.

Establishment Democrats want to look elsewhere to find blame for Clinton’s defeat. I think they should look at Illinois to find the seeds of it. Working class voters did not vote for her in the numbers she needed to win. She was seen to be too cozy with Wall Street.

Of course, in electing Trump, Wall Street has literally been moved into the White House.

Quinn told the Sun-Times’ Michael Sneed he is paying for someone to paint his portrait to hang in the Hall of Governors in Springfield.

Former Gov. Pat Quinn has been busy these days posing for his portrait.


“I’m paying for it myself,” Quinn tells Sneed. “And I’ll be the first governor to do so.”

“It will eventually hang in the Hall of Governors in the State Capitol and it will be an unusual painting,” he said.

“Out of the ordinary.”

“Let’s say it will be an extraordinary portrait.”

So how extraordinary?

“Well, I’ve commissioned artist Bill Chambers to do it. It will be different. It will be unveiled sometime next year. I’ve been posing on and off for the past two years.”

• Q: Will Quinn be wearing his lucky purple tie?

• A: “I think it would be safe to expect that,” he said.

• Q: Will it include “Betsy,” Quinn’s old leather briefcase which has operated as his universal office outside the office for decades?

• A: “Well, there has been some thought given to that,” he said.

“Let’s just say I feel very strongly about this portrait. So let’s wait and see.”

I wonder if he would let me paint it?

Probably not. It would not be a pretty picture.

As candidates line up to face the unpopular Rauner in two years, Democrats need to understand that choosing some Pritzker or Kennedy will only lead to another defeat.

The fight over the direction of the Democrats has already started with the attempt to elect progressive Congressman Keith Ellison as head of the DNC.

Ellison will be speaking in Chicago in a few days. I’ll post the time and place.

3 Replies to “Pat Quinn’s portrait. Before Trump there was Rauner.”

  1. Nope, not the bathroom.
    Print thousands of replica portraits to be used as dart boards at neighborhood pubs.

    That would be truly fitting!!

    Did the man really name his briefcase?

  2. Fred,
    Quinn’s portrait is already on display at the Art Institute, Gallery 262. The painting bears the title, “Picture of Dorian Gray,” by Ivan Albright. The title is a bit misleading, but it’s clearly the “QUINNtessential” Pat Quinn. Could you improve on Albright’s interpretation of our ex-governor?

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