Mayor Rahm gloats. Nobody has screwed workers like he has.


A good friend of mine worked for the City of Chicago for 30 years and retired a few years ago. He now must pay over $30,000 a year for health insurance for his family because the Mayor cut off his pension health care benefit.

In one of the private emails that Rahm Emanuel was forced to release as a result of a Better Government Association law suit, the Mayor gloats  about the pain he is visiting on thousands of Chicago public employees.


Who is Henry Feinberg?

On Dec. 31, Mayor Rahm Emanuel will complete a 3-year phaseout of the city’s retiree health care program, including a 55 percent subsidy.

10,000 city employees who started working for the city before April 1, 1986, and do not qualify for Medicare will have to search for coverage that will be difficult to find or too expensive.

Like my friend, the retired city workers will have choose between crazy expensive premiums that are double their retirement checks or go without health insurance coverage at a time of declining  health and old age.

“We have people who are 75 years old who worked for the city for 30 years and more and none of them qualified for Medicare coverage. They’re being dumped into an abyss,” said Clint Krislov, lawyer for the retirees.

But the Mayor gloats. Nobody has screwed public employees like he has.

He is king of the world.


12 thoughts on “Mayor Rahm gloats. Nobody has screwed workers like he has.

  1. And yesterday he was featured as a hero on the local (fake) news media channels, because of the new extended bike paths that the city is creating. Wow – what a smokescreen for the truth! Your article should have been the basis for yesterday’s real news regarding our beloved Mayor.

  2. His email buddy is part of a money losing bs company that does nothing. Anyway it sure looks like ahe brags about diminishment here and I sure hope they win. I understand there is a lot on Rauners mindset here too. Hope it is all can be used against them. It shows why the Clinton wing lost to Trump and why they must all go go go. The Russians could not have made up anything this damaging

  3. Fred,

    Why do you have the view that somehow public employees are not subject to the same economic forces that effect the “real world” as far as pensions, wages, jobs etc.
    Don;t forget the only reason that there are so many employees for the city is that they are all beholdin to da mayor, so get out the vote guys, yup, yup.
    Take a look at what happened in the real world.
    Greedy unions and friendly pols a generation ago did not look around at what was happening and say “what do they know that we don’t”?

    1. Your real worlds are entirely self-selected. Massive corporate bail-outs and tax incentives for giant corporations that fail in the market place, do not have to prove themselves in the market place, are real world for you but enforceable contracts and constitutional guarantees are not real world. Unions are greedy in your real world. But corporate wage theft is okay. Why is corporate socialism good in your real world, but a pensioner whose contractual promise was for health care is bad? You lack a moral core.

  4. The Fed has bubbled all the markets that is the only way such a marginal company ..the e-mail writer Fred links to could exist. The market might take a bet on a cancer cuts but some money losing company that is using something that looks marginally scientific to do market research. I am pleasant to the poorly paid customers services people and I still may hate the company. Such an outfit could only exist in a bubble. If companies treated their employees and customers better such a firm would not need to exist.And why is it emailing the mayor of Chicago.

  5. It’s exactly what we at City Workers Past and Present have been saying about this ahole. While our people suffer this multi millionaire pays for a family insurance plan 200.00 per its not a typo 2 0 0 . 0 0 PER MONTH. While the so called offered b/c b/s ( who Billy Dilly Daley sits on the board) offered plan for 2 non medicare is 2610. per month, 31,320. per year. The family plan is 3622. per month, 43,464. per year. And yes those are not typos either…on one hand we have a multi millionaire that pays 2,400. per year who has done nothing but screw the city up more each day for the last 5 years versus a city worker that worked for the city for 36 years (by the city’s admission in court) who averages 44,000 pension GROSS.. 35,200 before taxes taken out…HOW IN THE HELL CAN YOU JUSTIFY THIS… OH YES I’M PISSED OFF. The people of Chicago show no loyalty for our service but yet sit back and watch this clown throw billions around like it’s nothing. For five years he hasn’t told one truth. He hasn’t come up with one way to generate new revenue. To him new revenue is taxes, bonds, at high interest rates for his 1%ers, privatization, ant cut benefits and wages. CHICAGO NEEDS A PERSON THAT CARES FOR OUR CITY AND WILL ERASE ALL THE DIVISIONS WE HAVE..TROY LARAVIERE CHICAGO NEEDS YOU!!!!!!

    1. Obviously most of these people are just going into Obamacare. Very few people are going to pay 31k or 43k a year for a health policy. That is just absurd. What some people think is being held over their head is that if they leave the so called plans that the city is steering them toward and the Retirees win the healthcare then those that didn’t take those plans will lose any healthcare that the city eventually has to reestablish. But in the meantime someone is going to get enriched.

  6. I stated this before, and I will state it again: Rauner, Emanuel, Madigan, and their ilk are not moved by moral considerations. They have no concern for the well-being of the middle class and the unfair burdens of impoverished people; they have no concern for protecting the rights and benefits of public employees and retirees; they have no concern about the requirements of reason and morality.

    Rauner, Emanuel, Madigan, and their ilk do not care about morality and ethics. They do not care about breaking contracts. They do not care about obligations to others: about the fair distribution of the tax burden, about constitutional guarantees, about demanding more of others than they are willing to demand of themselves and their wealthy abettors.

    They lack empathy and altruism. They are not concerned with promoting the well-being of others. They lack the capacity to sympathize. They are isolated in their elitist class. They have no connections to the middle class or the poor.

    They demand sacrifices of the middle class and impoverished people and not of themselves. They do not view their conduct from a standpoint of values and interests of those they hurt. They view masses of people as a means to their own political ends.

    They do not live up to their agreements or the established rules of justice. They are motivated solely by power, wealth and greed. They do not respect rights of property and contracts; they do not respect that laws of morality are categorical; they do not care that the rightness or wrongness of an act depends on its consequences for everyone affected.

  7. Rahm throwing City of Chicago retirees under the bus is a new low! Rauner is also trying to throw state employees and retirees under the bus. Trump is going to try to throw unions under the bus at the national level. Trump has appointed viciously anti-union, anti-worker person to be head of department of labor! This is going to be a bad for all of us after trump takes office.

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