12 Replies to ““We will outlast them all.””

  1. We can put a man on the moon, and make ice cubes in the desert. But somehow, we can’t figure out that war is deadly and stupid….and that nobody wins in war!

  2. He did some writings on nuclear weapons in the Gorbachev era when He suggested we team up to use the threat of our arsenals to force small nuclear actors to give up the weapons and make any nuclear use less likely. That plus his trade concerns led him to politics in the 80a. But the author of this article noted the same thing I did …he is not talking that way .He has started talking about more countries getting them an using them . This is scary stuff…I just thought about the Ivanka confrontation.

  3. Fred it makes me all the more worried because here is a guy who had some out of the box ideas on nukes but not by any means irrational ideas that has gone down to the crazy and dangerous…..in trade the only other issue issue he seems to have an issue history on is not scary except that he sometimes thinks Germany and Japan are problems….he is back in 1980. Now its just China and much lower down Mexico.I think a lot of that cabinet is Pence . I think you can connect Devos and Pence to Koch network. Tillerson is Trump. Interior is choice of big game hunter Don jr whi disagreed with Pences choice. That is why we are seeing a quiet down from the house. They cried to Politico about meenie Trump and his supporters…..Also of note David Koch stopped by with no media unlike all the others . Dont know why because he has both praised and blasted so mh guess is because of the egos involved it went really bad? I hope

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