In Illinois beware the electability narrative.


Mike Pence is coming to Chicago to raise money for Bruce Rauner.

While making your list of why the Democrats lost and keep losing to the Repugs and Donald Trump be sure to include the electability narrative.

Note that one of the state’s largest unions, the Illinois Education Association, makes electability a requirement for their political action committee’s political endorsements and contributions.

Because electing Hillary Clinton was a no-brainer, the IEA and their parent union manipulated (according to emails to and from Leon Panetta) the union’s endorsement of Clinton over Bernie Sanders, even though Sanders’ actual positions were far closer to that of the membership than were Clinton’s.

Electability was the basis for the IEA’s endorsement of the union-busting, pension cutting Democratic Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn. That led to the disaster that is now Bruce Rauner just as the certain-to-be elected Hillary Clinton gave us Donald Trump.

Making electability the thing that trumps (forgive me) substance, policy and political views is a sure path to defeat.

Votes determine who is elected, not bank accounts and crystal balls.

I’m hearing that J.B. Pritzker is the electable Democrat to beat Bruce Rauner in 2018.


Not because of his politics, which come straight out of the centrist wing of the Democratic Party that gave us Hillary.

But because he is a billionaire with deeper pockets than Rauner.

By the way, if you doubted that Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump come from the same mold, note that Mike Pence is coming to town to raise money for Bruce.

A crazy idea would be to let the people decide who is electable.

5 Replies to “In Illinois beware the electability narrative.”

  1. Could not agree more but JB doesnt need money. The others I have heard of are not any better, Bustos is my Congress and she is right of JB. The others are Manar and Kennedy. Is there even going to be a progressive?

  2. Sadly, bank accounts have become a big factor in Illinois politics. Rauner has proven that if you repeat a lie enough times, people start to believe it. It used to be negative ads would run until election day, then stop for a couple years until the next election. Not with Rauner. Instead of governing the state, Rauner is still campaigning two years in, still without a budget. Rauner’s money is being used to blame Madigan for everything and suggest other Democrats are working for “boss Madigan”. Rauner wants term limits to get Madigan out of office. Madigan’s replacement would be easier to defeat, intimidate, or outright buy off.
    Given the choice between Pritzker and Rauner, Pritzker would be better then Rauner. Also, Pritzker has the resources to effectively counter-attack Rauner, but I doubt he would run without the support of labor. Rauner is obsessed with destroying unions, eliminating prevailing wage, enacting “right to work” laws, eliminating “fair share”, and eliminating teachers right to strike. On top of that, he wants to cut workers comp insurance for maimed workers. I would expect the unions to want to back someone who could beat Rauner. Pence is Rauner’s buddy, and Rauner wants to make Illinois into “West Indiana”.

  3. ALL organizations that endorse – that I have been involved with – use electability as their primary criteria. Which serves to favor incumbents, usually. Remember my article you kindly posted in 2015 – about how Sierra Club Chicago Group endorsed Rahm without sending a questionnaire or holding interviews with any of the other mayoral candidates?? I will personally never support an organization that endorses. I think they are a part of our problems.

  4. Late to the party, but I think, w/J.B., it would be “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Remember the Pritzker-owned Hyatt Hotel strike when, on a very hot day, the Pritzkers had the heat lamps turned on the already sweating picketers? Union-friendly? More like DINO-friendly. You know–those Dems in Name Only. And just another friendly face for Boss Madigan…forgetting SB 1? I’m not, & I won’t, & neither should any of you reading this.
    WE (that’s right, WE) need to find & FUND (just like Bernie did–$27/person) a truly progressive candidate. Yes, WE can!

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