Keeping retirement weird. Another trip around the sun and my youngest turns 40.


The sun setting into the Carribbean off Isla Mujeres. Photo: Fred Klonsky

In a couple of hours we will walk about a mile to Picus, a seafood place down by the dock where the ferry arrives  and departs Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

My youngest turns 40 today and the world turns 2017 tonight.

At least it does for those who use the Western calendar.

The first event deserves celebration and the second is a useful marker.

After Picus, the members of the group who have joined us here will go over to the zocalo where at midnight fireworks will go off and then there will be dancing until 7AM.

It is unlikely that I will still be there at 7AM. I am just too old for that.

2017 promises to be a challenging year.

We have political leaders who cannot possibly be examples of the best the human race has to offer.

They have made the planet a more dangerous place for my youngest daughter whose 40th birthday we celebrate today. They have made it more dangerous for my older daughter and for both of my daughters’ spouses and for my wonderful grandchildren and for Anne.

And for you and yours.

We have faced unworthy leaders like this before and resisted them.

I am going to watch the sun set into the Carribbean tonight and rise over the same waters tomorrow, 2017.

I will be ready to resist again.

I’m not too old for that.

7 Replies to “Keeping retirement weird. Another trip around the sun and my youngest turns 40.”

  1. So enjoy your blog! Blessings to you and your family and may 2017 bring peace to all. The next four years may be “tough” but we must not give up hope for the best.

  2. Best Wishes for maintaining strength, committment, resources, and loving happiness in 2017! Safe journeys for you, Anne and the whole family.

  3. Thanks for keeping us all informed about the doings that pertain to those of us who are/were involved in the teaching profession. Happy New Year!

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