Quoting President Karen Lewis.


I only know Michael Antonucci from the few times we havemet at NEA Representative Assemblies. And from reading him online.

He’s a nice enough guy although he is blinded by his anti-union theology.

Mike ended the year by posting what he thought were outrageous quotes by union leaders. I will admit that some were dumb things for union leaders to say. Of course, there are dumb union leaders, but even their quotes need context.

He included one by my friend Karen Lewis, President of the Chicago Teachers Union.

“[Illinois Gov.] Bruce Rauner is a liar. You know, I’ve been reading in the news lately about all of these ISIS recruits popping up all over the place — has Homeland Security checked this man out yet? Because the things he’s doing look like acts of terror on poor and working-class people.” —Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis, in remarks to the City Club of Chicago on April 20.

Now, Antonucci doesn’t live in Illinois and he doesn’t qualify as one of our poor or member of our working class. To those of us in Illinois who do qualify as poor and working class, Karen’s description of our governor as committing terror doesn’t seem so outrageous.

Karen Lewis is not fooled by Rahm, Rauner or anybody else.

Here are some recent Karen Lewis Twitter comments. You decide if they are outrageous.


The words of a quite sensible union leader.

One Reply to “Quoting President Karen Lewis.”

  1. Hopefully Ms. Lewis will be well enough to run against either Emanuel or Rauner in one of the next elections. Although definitely not broke, Illinois IS being run into the ground by these two……..I can’t find an name or an adjective that adequately describes them!!!!

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