7 Replies to “Cullerton’s latest pension theft proposal.”

  1. So, who at IEA loses their job if (when) Madigan betrays us?


    I’m guessing that Cullerton is officially persona non grata in our union for bringing another pension assault on…

    yeah, that’s what I thought…

    the “I” in IEA must stand for impotent

  2. My wife has signed up for retirement. Were this to pass though she would have to sign up for her AAI. If it’s not injuncted make sure you keep your AAI make sure you keep copies and send registered mail and so on. That said it seems to have collapsed and the BS out of Fullerton is funny. I hate to break it to him but it is a constitutionally protected benefit. He needs a primary .How close are you to it Fred

  3. How does a 3% cost of living raise that does not compound count as a cost of living raise? According to this proposal the 3% so called COLA that does not compound is simply a 3% added to the original annual pension payout. That amount remains the same for the lifetime of the annuitant. There is no increase. Is this a trick, a joke or just plain stupidity on the part of the legislator who is proposing this pathetic solution to the failure of the legislature to find appropriate revenue for the state?

  4. Thanks for the update Fred. I’ll keep refreshing my inbox for the email from the IEA…….maybe the button is broken. I know if I need background on something, I check here first.

  5. I guess the Democrats still haven’t figured out that this is the type of thing that’s leading to their demise. This is just another way they’ll demoralize their base. Also, I hope the IEA takes a strong stand against giving in to this unconstitutional bill. They need to protect whatever credibility they may have left.

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