The education governor is clueless about teaching and learning.

My goodness. A five minute video demonstrating the unique way your classroom learns.

Five minutes.

Maybe thirty students in five minutes.

For a while when I was still teaching the professional development buzzwords were differentiated instruction.

The concept had a good and bad side to it. The good aspect was that it created an awareness that all children learn in different and unique ways.

It takes a skilled and talented teacher to be able to respond to that fact. That’s why not just anybody can do it.

The bad side of it was that the education bureaucrats turned implementing differentiated instruction into a rubric to be observed and measured without differentiation.

That’s why we call them education bureaucrats.

There was the irony of dozens of teachers sitting in the LRC while a paid consultant (if the district had the money to pay for them) showed a powerpoint with circles and flow charts that were suppose to visualize differentiation. Y’know. For those who learn visually. There were handouts for those who learn. . .from handouts. And the droning voice of the consultant for those who learn best from drones.

Of course, differentiation became a line on the rubric/check list when a principal did classroom observation and evaluations of teachers.

Not much more than a club to beat teachers up with.

I recall one year when we filed a grievance against a principal over an evaluation of a first grade teacher who was accused of failing to differentiate during the principal’s one 45 minute classroom observation. The teacher was implementing the district’s curriculum of whole group reading instruction at the moment the principal walked in.

Take away all the fancy pedagogical language and you would know it as reading a story aloud.

To her first grade class.

Good practice as one of many good practices a good teacher would use.

So Bruce Rauner, who has his name plastered on a charter school and has paid for many more, believes you can demonstrate unique teaching and learning in a five minute video.

Nope, governor. Just nope.

11 Replies to “The education governor is clueless about teaching and learning.”

  1. Yet another absurd example of the discredited idea that anyone can teach because everyone has been to school! However I think it points up a grievous flaw in the rush to Charter schools. Because our educational standards are being watered down through the excesses of glee in finding that education can be for profit, if it is not too carefully scrutinized. The resultant population will be even less competent in the areas of critical thought and reasoning. Goodbye to common sense!

  2. Fred,
    The absurdity here is that for all the $ spent on education by the taxpayers of this country the public education system sucks in so many ways. I see/hear evidence of that on a regular basis from any number of places around the country.
    As the machines get better at doing more than just the menial jobs graduates will actually have to read, write and do “rithmetic” to get by in life.

    Fries with that Fred???

      1. Easy boy… anonymous wasn’t necessarily attacking teachers. He said it sucks in so many ways. Chillax a bit. Might you have taken the comment a little too personally?

    1. Troll,
      THAT’s why? Readers will know that in this post, talent was used to refer to the natural ability some folks have, as with musical or artistic talent. Skills on the other hand can be taught and learned. But why would a troll be concerned with nuance?

  3. Rauner is not just clueless about teaching and learning, but clueless about governing in general. His main goal is to break AFSCME, eliminate prevailing wage and make Illinois a “right to work” state.

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