3 Replies to “Can you see what is in Jeff Sessions’ heart?”

  1. SOS


    I choose to love not hate. This choice is easy for me. The reason for my reasoning is not necessary. Proudly, I thank my parents for showing me that it is OK to “hate the sin but never never the sinner “ (note: my three sisters and I often talk about our dear Mother telling us this a whole lot of times in our youth!!).

    Pressed, or asked, by others, “Come on, don’t you hate – _____ (fill in the blank or blanks)”. I let my actions support my words, and I easily say no. To give credence to my choice to not hate , I many times say ,” The only thing I hate are long laces on gym shoes – many times I have cut them shorter).

    It is “harder” to hate than it is to love. Hate begets hate and love begets love.

    Dr. Charles W Birch (age 75), Morris, Illinois

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