Quincy teachers vote to strike.


Quincy Federation of Teachers and Educational Support Personnel president Jen Drew.

Quincy, Illinois is about 300 miles southwest of Chicago on the Mississippi River.

Teachers there belong to the Quincy Federation of Teachers and Educational Support Personnel.

Union members have voted to strike on January 17th.

The issue is fair compensation.


Quincy Public School and the Quincy Federation officials walked away from over seven hours of negotiation without a contract agreement, and union officials announced the strike date – January 17.

The announcement came after after 1 a.m. Wednesday morning, following a marathon session of negotiations. Quincy Federation Teacher Subgroup President Jen Drew says with this strike, it will effectively shut down the district.

Officials say they tentatively agreed on all the language items for the contract, but could never reach an agreement on compensation. Drew says the union feels disappointed heading out of the final scheduled meeting.

“Disappointed in that we feel like what we’re asking for is a fair wage for our employees,” Drew said. “We feel like the numbers are correct and that they’re able to offer us what we’re asking for.”

Board President Sayeed Ali says the sides took big steps forward, but not enough to make a deal happen.

Messages of support can be sent to the Quincy Federation.

2 Replies to “Quincy teachers vote to strike.”

  1. Moline is having informational pickets. And of course AFSCME is having an authorization vote. That one is about survival of entire state workforce.

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