Pension theft. From the west suburban front.


Rep. Sarah Feigenholz (D – Lakeview)  and Senate President John Cullerton.

-By Karl-Heinz Gabbey

The good Senator seems to be concerned only with the legalities of Heaton v. Quinn. I’m gratified to read he doesn’t want to cause us “anguish,” and that he’s accepted the verdict of the Illinois Supreme Court as the final say in the matter of unconstitutional pension cuts. I’m troubled by a lack of remorse on his part in which he forced individual retirees to contribute, in many cases, hundreds of dollars out of pocket to fight a case that was clearly unconstitutional and morally indefensible. That doesn’t include the anxiety and the sleepless nights that he cost us. Many of us also spent countless hours attending meetings, protest actions, and making phone calls to him, Nekritz, and the rest of the House and Senate Democratic caucuses to lobby against SB 1. Through it all, he remained unmoved.

In a real gesture of reconciliation and unity, especially at a time when the Republican Party has proved to be a far greater threat than ISIS to the health, safety, and security of not only every Illinoisan, but every American, it might be nice if the good senator would acknowledge in “truth and reconciliation” fashion his mistake. Until he does that, there will always be a dark cloud of distrust hovering over his head.

Rep. Sarah Feigenholz (D – Lakeview)  appeared on Dick Kay’s “Back On The Beat” on January 7, during which she listed “pension reform a la SB 1” as an “accomplishment.” To his credit, Dick Kay reminded her that the high court ruled it unconstitutional. Without providing detail, Rep. Feigenholz shot back that the General Assembly was working on a “constitutional” version of “pension reform.” I guessed that it was a rehash of John Cullerton’s SB 2404, now called “consideration.” Then came the appeal from the IRTA for contributions with the message about SB 17 and “consideration” as the next possible round of idiotic “pension reform.” At that point, I hit the ceiling…

There was a time I believed that our Democratic lawmakers in Springfield were at least shrewd enough not to bite the hands that mark the ballots during elections. At a time when we’re facing a dangerous, existential threat from Republican terrorists, including Trump’s Mini-me in the governor’s mansion, and we need all hands on deck, our Springfield Democrats are determined to sabotage any unified front against a horde that wants to destroy us all. Will we face the next election again wringing our hands with the choice of voting for the party that’ll kill us more slowly than the Republicans? Great timing, guys and girls! Please pinch me! I want to exit this nightmare…

Karl, your Democratic precinct captain from the West Suburban front

4 Replies to “Pension theft. From the west suburban front.”

  1. I appreciated these comments from Karl. I agree with him; it appears that our political leaders all along have not really cared about the anguish they caused us–along with our families

  2. The problem, Karl, is that any Republican candidate will be far more aggressive in attacking the working people’s pensions and far worse than a misguided Democrat. Those protectors of the entitlements of the “investing class” cleverly turn the narrative of budget problems into an attack on a small group of pensioners, pitting them against the entire pool of “taxpayers,” forgetting, of course, that pensioners are also taxpayers. Those representing working people (and the working poor and the poor) must change the narrative. Instead of piling more taxes on the income deprive citizens, we need a changed system that increases taxes on the wealthy and requires that they pay a larger portion of their incomes in income taxes, so that their living standards are reduced in ways that more nearly match the way that the living standards of the working poor are affected by a wide variety of taxes and fees that the wealthy keep proposing as a solution to budget problems.

  3. Fred,running for office unapposed all these years Feigenholz became arrogant.Its time for a new rep. in her district.Instead of focusing on receiving campaign cash from Wrigley Field roof top owners maybe she could spend time talking to retirees in her district

  4. Yes, Bill, we need a progressive tax. Have the IL Dems been getting the job done, though? As Karl has explained, no, & then they continue to attack ou pensions.
    Karl isn’t calling for the election of Republicans. Dan’s got it right–“running for office unopposed all these years, Feigenholz became arrogant,” &, without a doubt, she’s far from the only one. Many of these so-called Dems (I call them DINOs–they belong on the list of the 13 DINO turncoats {talkin’ about Cory Booker, Patty Murray–2 of the TOP Ten Senators taking the most $$$ from Big Pharm}– who voted
    against Sanders’ Bill, which WOULD have passed w/their votes, as a # of Republicans, even, voted in favor of it {Cruz & Grassley!})
    Without question, we need to PRIMARY all these DINOs (every one who voted for SB1–even those who profess a change of heart–running unopposed should not be an option in these times) putting up a candidate in every district, starting NOW.

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