Grizzly bears in the classroom.


Michael Petrilli is President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, editor of Education Next and a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.

To put it plainly, he does not sit on my side of the aisle.

He loves choice and charters and Betsy DeVos.

Yesterday was not a good day for him. He offered a defensive Tweet.

But it was too late. The flood gates were open. Who knew who was first?






DeVos’ defenders, like Petrilli, complained that she wasn’t prepared. But what was the billionaire Amway heiress supposed to do? She was just being who she was: Entitled. Not too smart. Ideological. I appreciated that.

I mean, when you can’t recall whether or not you gave $2oo million to the Republican Party – not because you can’t remember whether you did or you didn’t but because you can’t remember how many millions you gave.

I would remember that for sure. I remember giving $37 to the Sanders campaign, for example.

Besides, the Grizzly bear issue is not that outlandish.

There was that time when our school was running a lockdown drill about three years prior to my retirement. Our principal was not too grounded in reality and she had come up with the idea to get on the school intercom and announce the start of the drill with the signal, “There’s a big dog running loose in the hallway.”

This was better than saying there was a gunman or terrorist in the building which she thought, correctly, would upset the young students.

Although the idea of a big dog running loose had the high probability of having the same impact.

Wiser heads prevailed and she was convinced to come up with another code.

Although not a Grizzly bear.


3 thoughts on “Grizzly bears in the classroom.

  1. If we replaced teachers with Grizzly Bears, there would be no classroom disruptions from unruly students, and if the bear said, “Get to work!”, who would be stupid enough to argue back, except Littlefingers Donald Trump on Twitter, and Besty DeVos.

  2. “She was just being who she was: Entitled. Not too smart. Ideological.”

    She’s a product of a religious (Dutch Reformed – Calvinist?) school education. Had she been fortunate enough to attend a public school, she would have been taught to think.

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