TRS private equity firms listed.

In response to a post on Ken Griffin’s private equity firms I have been asked if TRS has any money invested with Griffin’s Citadel, LLC.

The answer is no.

Here is the list of all private equity firms used by TRS as listed on page 74 and 75 of the 2016 TRS annual report.



4 Replies to “TRS private equity firms listed.”

  1. Fred,
    If TRS invested in a so called “fund of funds” could that money find its way to KG and not be disclosed?

    By the way investing woudl be a good way to get some money. For all fau;ts he makes $ for his customers.

    1. “For all his faults”? Are you kidding? The SEC said he was stealing from his customers and he paid a $22,600,000 fine. “A good way to get some money.” Yes. Stealing it.

  2. Most of these are the big PE outfits mixed with the locals like Rauners GTCR,madison Dearborn and Blair. We need to see if any of these outfits support pension theft. We know GTCR does.I am going to go through the Forbes largest private companies list to find out what we own …I do know Leonard Greene owns a company that cleans up slaughter houses. I have never heard of any of the companies on GTCRs website. I am pleased to see an Illinois Venture fund on there.

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