Donald Trump is really president and I’m not really dead.


If you were watching Chicago Med last night, yes, that was me playing a deceased man.

A few months back I got hired as an extra to play the role.

“How long can you hold your breath?” I was asked. “Don’t know,” I said. So he timed me. I took a deep breath and held it for about a minute.

“Should we do eyes open and mouth closed or eyes closed and mouth open?” asked somebody else.

How would I know?

The entire scene took up less than 90 seconds on air and took three hours to shoot. Anne found it disturbing to watch me but I thought it was all fun.

And I’m not really dead. It’s a TV show.

Donald Trump is not really a TV show. He is president.

I find that far more disturbing and there is no doubt it will be bad, at least for those not represented by his cabinet of dopes and Wall Street wheeler-dealers.

But there is this.

At the exact moment when Trump was taking the oath of office in Washington, I was sitting with a group of kindergarten and first graders at a public elementary school in Chicago, all of us playing the ukulele and singing This Little Light of Mine.

“What’s the light?” I asked.

“Love,” a first grader told me.

Ah. Don’t tell me there are no right answers.

Some of my friends woke up this morning feeling down.

First of all, as bad as Trump is, this is not my first rodeo.

We have been here before.

We can deal with this.

And as bad as things can get, and for many already are, in a room where there are no Grizzly bears, or for that moment any fear of guns, a safe place, things are good.

And I feel alive and ready to go at it.

20 Replies to “Donald Trump is really president and I’m not really dead.”

  1. Fred. The protesters are protesting and it’s not all peaceful. Throwing rocks at the police is not civil disobedience. It’s call a riot. It’s shameful that they go to these measures. If the protesters are looking to gain support from the general public they are going about it the wrong way. People are sick and tired of these protesters. They are simply going to lose support if they keep this up. It’s funny how the liberals preach tolerance but they are the least tolerant among us.

    1. Wait, anonymous. If it weren’t for some protesters throwing rocks you would support them? Your concern is that we will lose support? Thanks for your concern. Excuse me if I seem skeptical.

      1. I would not necessarily support them, but I could at least respect them. If they want to be understood, they should protest in a respectful manner. I admit that the majority of them are peaceful, but like anything else a few bad apples in the crowd will ruin the cause and make them all look bad. Yes, lose support….from good law abiding folks. However, the protesters may gain support with those who want to be violent and do harm. That’s not good for America or our people.

      2. The handful of rock throwers got exactly what they wanted: to hi-jack media attention and to put the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters in the position of having to respond to them. I have now seen the same video of rocks through a Starbucks window dozens of times. In whose interest is that? I’ve seen paid provocateurs before along with misguided fools. Nothing new here. I oppose Trumpism and model what I think we should do by my behavior. You model too. Anonymous.

  2. Fred,
    You didn’t realize that they also filmed you getting up afterwards, and they are now cutting in footage of The Donald raising you up from the dead. That is going to be his replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

  3. The rock-throwers and window-smashers were probably paid to do so to discredit the peaceful demonstrators. Easy to do if you have BILLIONS of dollars to play with. It also creates a diversion so people and the media don’t pay as much attention to what Trump is doing. As Obama was still giving his farewell address, Trump was already signing a stack of papers to reverse many of Obama’s policy decisions.

    1. Ok Anon…if that’s the spin your going with, that the President of the United States is actually paying disrupters to throw rocks etc, then spin your way out of this. How about those peaceful protesters step up to the plate and personally stop the the ones that get out of hand? I mean, the good protesters certainly out number the bad. Amazing the spin the libs will put on something when their backs are to the wall. As far as the stack of papers President Trump was signing, he was just righting a few wrongs.

      1. Pay so-called “protestors” also known as “agent provocateurs” to commit violence so that the police can attack all protestors and to discredit, as you mentioned, peaceful protestors in our newspapers and the rest of our media is as American as apple pie. Study American labor history and you’ll discover a whole new world of facts. Fact: Trump paid a political consulting firm to provide pro-Trump “demonstrators” when he announced his candidacy from Trump Tower two years ago. Each “demonstrator” was paid $50. Instead of 30 pieces of silver, it was $50 bucks. For a troll like you, it must be awfully tough to digest that. By the way, how much is Trump or some “hired gun” firm paying you? Or are you really that dense?

  4. A year later it comes out that Trump indeed paid for the crowd that was there for his announcement to run for president crowd. So he wouldn’t pay for violent disruptions. You can’t believe shit anymore time to wise up.

  5. RT was leadingvwith violence and chaos in America so it could be the FSB …heck it could have always been FSB. Its Putins MO false flag violence and terror. Expect us to be in a shadoiw war with our own services blinded. Trump declared war on our allies yesterday.

      1. That is why the rushed to get the the generals approved. They did not fight Wyden of the Pompeo hold either. And no rush on Tillerson.

  6. Fred, I am so sorry that we lost you on Chicago Med. I am happy that I found you on WordPress. Things are good here in Virginia, the boogie man is not living across the Potomac and I believe that the 1st amendment will survive the masked few who’s window breaking static cannot garble the message.

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