2 Replies to “Tony at the Red Line.”

  1. I overheard diners in a restaurant Thursday night ask if the Trump Inauguration was going to be televised in schools. I chose not to have my students watch the event yesterday. I could not in good conscience celebrate the taking of office by a sexist, lying, racist, mentally ill , and offensive individual. I did not want my young students to be exposed to such a vile human being, nor did I personally want to listen to more of his self-agrandizement. I wore black to school, as did many of my colleagues, and I also wore my flag pin upside down, the international sign of distress. I passed out the Scholastic News dedicated to Trump’s Inauguration and directed my students to take it home. I didn’t say a word about the inauguration, nor did I express my personal feelings about it. However, several children made negative comments about Trump as I passed the News out. As a teacher and parent, I believe our country and our children deserve a competent, level-headed, dignified, and even-tempered individual to lead our nation. Trump doesn’t even come close.

  2. Yes the children deserve better, as do teachers, other public employees and retirees, unions, and actually almost everyone not part of the top 1%, (the 1% are doing just fine). I am afraid we have reached a tipping point, I heard 8 people now have half of all the money in the entire world. The Republicans now control the House, the Senate, the Presidency, and will soon control the SCOTUS. They are not going to act like the Democrats did when they had control, acting like a herd of cats, all going in different directions. The Republicans, with Donald Trump, are more like a wolf-pack, and are going to tear us to shreds.

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