Is the District 64 board complicit in their silence about Paterno for nearly four years? I think so.


Happy, smiling faces of the Park Ridge school board. That’s Paterno, second row, far left.

Reader Mary sends me some more Paterno Tweets:

Here is what this man says on his Twitter page …. and he is a clinical psychologist? D64 School Board member?


1/22/2017: “Most of these vagina screechers didn’t vote, but they mean business. Riiiiiiight. What a farce.”

1/19/2017: ” Alas, the 300 Million Pound Women March provides a strong argument for doing away with women’s suffrage.”

1/19/2017: “How does this constant talking leave this woman enough oxygen for her br…Oh. Never mind.”

1/19/2017: “Procession of Palpable Penis Envy #RenameMillionWomenMarch” ; “Hysterical Horde of Halfwits #RenameMillionWomenMarch”

Wow indeed, Mary.

This is not recent.

I posted Paterno’s offensive, racist, sexist tweets back in 2013.

Meanwhile his cohorts on the District 64 Park Ridge board kept silent.

Nothing from Park Ridge foot doctor and board president Anthony Borelli.

This whole thing is sordid and disgusting.

But it is Park Ridge voters, few who vote in school board elections, who can do something about it. Four board members are up for election in April.

3 Replies to “Is the District 64 board complicit in their silence about Paterno for nearly four years? I think so.”

  1. I remember your posts about Borrelli, & remember commenting that it was fitting he be a foot doctor, as he needed to surgically remove his foot from his mouth. If he’d said anything about this current situation, I’m sure he’d once again put his foot in his mouth.

  2. He may have been hoping that our new potus would notice and create a new cabinet position for him. Secretary of the truly half witted. Is he related to Joe (I saw nothing) Paterno?

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