Message from District 64 on Paterno’s resignation.


Dr. Dathan Paterno.

Important Message from the District 64 Board of Education

To the District 64 Community:

We are writing to inform you of the resignation of Board of Education member Dathan Paterno. Dr. Paterno has tendered his resignation effective immediately as a result of posts to his personal Twitter account yesterday. His resignation letter is available on our website at this link.

The Board will immediately begin the process of filling his vacancy for the remaining portion of his term according to Board Policy 2:70. Dr. Paterno’s 4-year term was to expire this spring; he was not standing for re-election to the Board of Education on April 4. A timeline to fill this vacancy is being developed and will be announced publicly in the near future.

We appreciate the support of the District 64 community in understanding that individual school Board members do not speak on behalf of the Board or District 64.

Dr. Anthony Borrelli, President, Board of Education
Dr. Laurie Heinz, Superintendent

19 Replies to “Message from District 64 on Paterno’s resignation.”

  1. it was “merely” about the violent vulgar ones. how about this doc? just apologize and go away. The justification is not going to work.

    Take this as an opportunity to learn and grow up….like that’s going to happen.

  2. He’s a psychologist in Park Ridge. What a terrible thought that this man is treating children and women. Here’s the office phone number if anyone wants to call – (847) 692-6692.

  3. “…very angry, hostile, vulgar, and violent ones…”
    It’s apparent he just likes to spew crap. I was in Washington Saturday with my wife and children. Saturday’s demonstrators were not Friday’s anarchists. There was no violence and not one arrest. Everyone polite and peaceful. Crowds parted like the Red Sea to let emergency vehicles through. People thanks the mounted police as they passed by. If he found some of the messages on placards to be vulgar well I’m very sorry his delicate sensibilities were offended.

  4. Paterno is a man who decided to use Obama having sex with his own daughters as an analogy and now he feels he gets to call people vulgar??? Please!!

  5. Only the weight of public opinion forced him to apologize and to resign. Was he thinking first and foremost how his really stupid, irrational overkill would hurt his image, practice, and bottom line? Is the Pope Catholic? There was no inner moral compulsion to make amends. As soon as this public upset settles, the good doctor will return to the error of his ways. He said as much at the conclusion in his letter of resignation. No one disputes his right to criticize whomever he wants, but for him to lash out against women in particular who have well-founded anxieties about a government run by Trump and the Republicans is cowardly, morally indefensible, and unforgivable. Is there any hope for an educated man like Paterno who clearly supports monsters like Trump and the entire Republican Party?

  6. I’m glad he resigned. This terrible man will be the first of many. I have family in park ridge. You can not do this! You must think before you tweet.

  7. Fred,
    You’ve posted this guy’s arrogance and lunacy off and on since he came to the school board. I got the correct impression that he’s a fanatic Republican ideologue which is bad enough, but his incredible tweets during his term are a real revelation. You’re right about the school board’s complicity; the members and president really brought disgrace on themselves for tolerating this guy’s behavior. There’s a positive side to this affair: his arrogance and stupidity that were reinforced by the board’s silence finally took him down.

  8. Dr. Paterno made some bad tasteless jokes, and apologized to those he offended. That actually seems to be a good example of how to behave after offending people, in case any kids are paying attention. That’s the behavior of a sane, reasonable person.
    Issuing death threats, threats against someone’s livelihood, insults against someone’s character and professional skill and integrity without any basis or knowledge, and leveling heinous personal insults online to someone you don’t even know…that’s you tolerant liberals’ specialty. That’s what’s happening now because you can’t take a joke , or forgive a man who apologizes for offending you. Dr. Paterno is not inciting or condoning violence of any kind. They are jokes. He is a widely respected psychologist and a person of the highest integrity, whose conservative values were probably a key to overcoming adversity to become a self-made success who works to help people do the same.

    Please consider the fact that you all are outraged because the bad jokes were coming from someone who disagrees with you, and you can’t handle that. Think about all of the outrageous jokes and tweets and statements from both sides. Believe it or not, there are many speople in this country who are conservative, who believe that the traditional family and conservative values are something to be defended. They themselves are offended on a daily basis by what they see as a liberal censorship and pressure to conform and embrace this open resentment and hatred of successful and wealthy Americans, open shaming of whites and males masquerading as multiculturalism, this vindictive, bitter feminism, this open hatred of America, negative judgement and fear of boys, of heteronormativity, of capitalism and so much more that goes along with the “progressive” platform. Conservatives are offended every day by vindictive witch hunts to bully Christian business owners, by marches that feature upside down American flags, speeches from groups associated with rioting and the targeted killing of police officers, Christians and republicans being openly mocked and slurred, and so much more, but mostly by liberals’ unwillingness and inability to defend their ideas intellectually. You scream “hate!” and silence the opposing viewpoint. But the hate is mostly one-sided, and it is not coming your way. Your “fear” for the “safety” and “rights” of “marginalized” groups is a passive aggressive bullying tactic. It’s a tribal virtue signaling display, so that you guys can know who the “good people” are, and who the “bad people” are.

    So perhaps tweeting crude jokes is an ineffective and frustrated form of communication. I’d be frustrated too if I was a Christian whose deepest held beliefs compelled me to have to forgive and love you assholes every day.

    1. That’s amusing, one of his buddies comes on here to defend him. It’s not just one tweet, this guy has been tweeting hate for years. It’s not that we disagree. I could care less who he voted for or what kind of car he drives or how much he shines his shoes in the morning. It’s the unbelievable amount of hate in all of his tweets that have been posted, his lack of professionalism and lack of respect for women that matter. You can say ‘liberal this’ and ‘liberal that’, but it’s people like you that are trying to make the Nationalist party a reality in this country. You can bet your ass people like myself and millions of others will be there to fight you every step of the way on that.

  9. OK, so Trump uses “the P word” when he thinks no one can hear him to brag and essentially describe sexual assault which he seems to intimate he has done. What does Paterno think?? He thinks Trump should be president!!

    Some female protesters use “the P word” as a statement to high light the stupidity and misogyny of Trump and others and what does Paterno think?? He thinks they are vulgar!!

    It really is insane on so many levels.

  10. I am amused to find your blog and that you’ve covered this tool for years. I had no idea.
    As soon as I saw his photo I remembered his antics 10+ years ago. His bio changes depending on who he’s desiring to impress. Him being his own undoing is a somewhat surprise. Pam Zekmann or Chuck Goudie chasing him down the street, microphone in-hand, is what might have been expected.

  11. “Bad tasteless ‘jokes’ “. Yeh, that’s what they were- jokes. Unbelievable. This liberal asshole forgives you, Brendan.

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