Park Ridge District 64 board member calls Women’s March, “screeching vaginas.”


Readers know that I was a teacher in Park Ridge District 64 for many years. I was the local union president for about a decade.

Union and school board members had their battles. But for the most part, board members were civil.

Man. Things have changed.

One of the District 64 board members, elected four years ago, is Dr. Dathan Paterno. Believe it or not, he advises parents as a child psychologist.


Paterno loves to Tweet his right-wing, mysogynistic, racist political and professional views. Usually his Tweets make Donald Trump’s Tweets look progressive.

I wrote about him and them in 2013. 

In Chicago, we are not allowed to elect our school board.

The bad thing about elected school boards is you can end up with Dr. Paterno.

The good thing is that you can vote them out.

The election is scheduled for April 4th.

If you try to find Paterno’s Twitter account today, he has removed it.

Apparently the screeching vaginas Tweet is causing a stir in town.

It’s about time.

And if you don’t want to wait, there’s a board meeting tonight.


Or you can call the District 64 phone number at 847 318 4300 and leave Dr. Paterno a message.

7 thoughts on “Park Ridge District 64 board member calls Women’s March, “screeching vaginas.”

  1. Dr. Dathan Paterno, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director

    [image: Speaking]Dr. Paterno is the founder and Clinical Director of Park Ridge Psychological Services. He is also the author of three published works, including the parenting book *Desperately Seeking Parents*.

    Dr. Paterno is a licensed clinical psychologist. He received his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago. He completed his doctoral internship at The Arlington Center for Attention Deficit Disorders in Arlington Heights, IL, where he assessed and treated children, adolescents, and adults.

    Dr. Paterno was a staff counselor at Lutheran General Hospital for several years on the Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry unit, performing individual, milieu, psychoeducational, and group therapies. He also developed a journaling therapy, resulting in The Take-Home Therapist. He also worked at Laureate Day School in Niles, IL and Pine Rest Christian Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI, after completing his B.A. at Calvin College.

    *Dr. Paterno’s Philosophy*

    Dr. Paterno affirms that all people are biological, social, and spiritual beings. He believes that all of these are relevant in assessing and responding to a person’s struggles. To ignore any of these facets of the personality, then, would be to ignore an essential facet of a person’s being, functioning, and suffering.

    He adamantly denies the currently held myth that emotional disorders/problems are the result of genetically transmitted, biochemical imbalances. While he recognizes that biological factors are relevant to psychological/social/emotional problems, he sees “symptoms” as meaningful and purposeful, within the holistic context of the person. This means that almost all problems are essentially normal responses to abnormal situations.

    Dr. Paterno denies that psychotropic medications are necessary, effective, or generally safe. While he sees plenty of clients who choose to remain on psychiatric medication, he utilizes non-medical alternatives, which have been proven — in an ever-expanding body of research and also in his professional experience — to be largely more effective, safe, and humane. Contact Dr. Paterno Phone: (847) 692-6692 – Ext. 1

  2. This guy is on the school board? What a bad example he sets for the kids. Times have changed all right! Back when I was going to grade school, if they heard a kid say anything “dirty”, they got a bar of soap shoved in their mouth up in front of the whole class.

  3. Does “this doctor” have a clue about the women who voted and went to march sharing their voice as survivors of rape? Is he a survivor who understands that the march helped many in their recovery?

    Or… Does he have a wife or mother? Do their vaginas screech? Then again, that question is as inappropriate as him bullying a Women’s March that if he went with his mother and wife, it may have added to their family. Because women are people to and not just vaginas.

  4. Interesting picture, there–I’m sure his six women colleagues appreciated his comments. Must be a fun guy to work with.
    I would say that HE needs to see a psychologist…a child psychologist.
    Because he IS a child.

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