Random thoughts about Dathan Paterno and the Park Ridge District 64 board.


Thinking about the Park Ridge District board of eduction and the freaky Dr. Dathan Paterno.

Paterno has been tweeting this crap for years and nobody on the board has made an issue of it. Would you sit next to a guy who tweets openly racist comments about President Obama and his kids, sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton and other women politicians based on their gender and even worse stuff than that and not say anything about it?

The board is absolutely complicit.

His tweets have gotten more and more vile since the election of Trump. It gave him permission.

News flash to Dr. Paterno and maybe to the other Park Ridge board members: Not all the demonstrators on Saturday were women.

There were many men.

We are not fully defined by our body parts.

Some of the males had vaginas.

Some of the females did not have vaginas.

Nobody asked me if I did nor did not have a vagina.

And none of that mattered to any of those who were there. It only matters to hateful people like Dr. Paterno.

On another topic.

There are many good people who live in Park Ridge. I got to meet many of them when I taught there. And of course I knew their kids.

And many of the teachers and staff remain my friends five years after retirement. They are quality teachers and an honor to know and an honor to have worked with them. I feel badly that they have a board like this.

As a result of all this Paterno stuff I got a nice note this morning.

Hey Fred. You were the best art teacher ever!!! You always let us have fun and be expressive. Best teacher ever!!!! Glad to see you are doing well.

Nice to get those.

One of the reasons that the board has a creepy guys like Dr. Dathan Paterno sitting there is that Park Ridge voters don’t turn out for school board elections.

That’s on them.

When the board meets tonight and they begin talking about a replacement for Paterno, what will the parents and community say about it?

Will they replace Paterno with another Paterno or another Anthony Borelli, the board president.

Organized Republicans make every effort to challenge candidates that respect teachers and teacher unions when they try to run for the board. Why do the good folks in Park Ridge allow this?

Look at this board.


In a school district of mostly women teachers and employees, one woman sits on the school board.

That is the tradition. The way it has always been.

Would a majority women school board members allow a sexual creep like Paterno to sit next to them for four years?

I hope and think not.

4 thoughts on “Random thoughts about Dathan Paterno and the Park Ridge District 64 board.

  1. Something needs to be done about all the people who think this sort of behavior is tolerable. Too many rational people have been cowed into silence for too long. The result has been what we see today in Washington and throughout our country and world. Now, if you aren’t a nasty, hate filled misogynistic bigot, you are seen as a ‘snowflake’. It’s time for all rational and intelligent people to take a stand, and show the bigots that they are the snowflakes, they are the ones destroying this country and we will NOT tolerate it.

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