5 thoughts on “Hoping not to be offensive.

  1. For the love of twitter… less than 140 characters to display that you are bat sh.. crazy. He is in need of his own couch

  2. Funny how in this case “vagina” at a meeting is offensive but “pussy” on the national level is fine. I guess it can be attributed to the power of the presidency.

  3. Sotos was worried about explaining the use of the word “vagina” in public. I wonder how he explained his own alleged misconduct with women.

  4. Budgets are budgets, prospective planning documents subject to manipulation and the subsequent arrival of reality. Results arrive, in varying degrees of quality, in annual audited financial statements. What have those financial statements been saying, about that period when Chicago was ‘balancing its budget for the past three years,’ and ‘making city government smaller, smarter, and simpler?’
    Chicago was actually spending about a billion dollars a year more than it was taking in, expenses, taxes, and fees were actually rising, not getting smaller, and the growth rate in the city’s reported debt was accelerating.

    Here is what you people should be talking about!!!!! Wake up Chicago!!!!

  5. From a former Park Ridge resident…

    It is worth noting that Dr. Paterno uses his professional credentials in his Twitter handle. It seems Mr. Paterno speaks with forked tongue. Sorry to say, but he is ether abusing his credentials or not very bright.

    Why hasn”t anyone spoken up? Same reason we have Donald Trump as president. We have been asleep at the wheel.

    So thank you Dathan and Donald for so unabashedly using Twitter as your bully pulpit.

    We am awake now….

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