Park Ridge board member Tom Sotos and a sexual harassment suit.


At the Park Ridge board meeting last night, board member Athos Tom Sotos interrupted a parent during the public comment section of the meeting.

Reports the Daily Herald:

Perhaps the most dramatic moment during the almost hourlong public comment came when board member Athan Sotos interrupted district parent Daisy Bowe because she, like several other speakers, used the word “vagina” in her remarks. Sotos said he denounced Paterno’s use of the word and he didn’t want to have to explain to his children why people at the board meeting also used the word.

Superintendent Laurie Heinz had to remind Sotos that the public comment section of board meetings was not intended as a dialogue or back and forth. It was a time for the community to address board members.

I still ask why the sexist and racist tweets of Dr. Dathan Paterno went unchallenged for four years by literally fellow board members until this week.

The Park Ridge board is all male except for one female.

One of the guys is Tom Sotos, who was offended by parents using the word vagina in their complaints about the Paterno tweets.

Sotos is an owner of a Twisted Kilt franchise in downtown Chicago.

I’m not a customer, but I’m told it is a Hooters clone.

From Huffington Post:

Nineteen employees at the Celtic-themed “breastaurant” Tilted Kilt’s Chicago Loop location on Wednesday filed a lawsuit claiming that the eatery’s bar manager sexually harassed them.The lawsuit [PDF] contains disturbing details of incidents that allegedly occurred between the manager, the location’s owners and their scantily-clad staff at the restaurant, located at 17 N. Wabash Ave.

Mark Roth, an attorney representing the women, accused the location’s former manager, whom he described as a “predator,” of making numerous disturbing comments to his clients, CBS Chicago reports.

“There were requests for sex,” Roth told CBS. “There were degrading comments that were made. Something that no woman should have to put up with anywhere, let alone by their manager in the workforce.”

As the Chicago Tribune reports, the women in June filed a sexual harassment complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The women claim they had to work in a “sexually hostile, offensive, humiliating and degrading” environment, where, among the 30 incidents outlined in the lawsuit, the location’s manager and owners made comments such as “Meow, meow, you’re a dirty kitty” and “You don’t know what I’d like to do to you” to the employees. Women who spoke out against these remarks allegedly were given less busy shifts, the Tribune reports.

According to Fox Chicago, management also grabbed employees’ breasts, licked employees’ ears and attempted to kiss the women.

Maybe that is what explains Sotos’ silence these past years of Paterno tweets.

But it doesn’t explain his being offended by the word vagina in the meeting last night. He has surely heard it before at the joint he owns.

Or worse.

15 thoughts on “Park Ridge board member Tom Sotos and a sexual harassment suit.

  1. I doubt he heard “vagina” much there. Too clinical. But I’ll bet he needed no explanation of Trump’s “pussy” comment.

      1. You mean to say that you and the “sleepless wonder” never had a cold beer and a few wings while ripping republicans?

      2. You bet. But not, “According to Fox Chicago, management also grabbed employees’ breasts, licked employees’ ears and attempted to kiss the women.” But we apparently have different views of what constitutes having a good time. Remind me not to have a beer with you. I hate having my ears licked.

  2. I could use a drink. It doesn’t need to be twisted, tilted, hooted or kilted. On my meager pension, my budget will get some wine in a carton. Seriously though, I noticed Trump killed all pay raises for federal employees and put in a hiring freeze. And just for fun today he signed orders for the Dakota pipeline to proceed and added approval for it’s cousin the Keystone pipeline. What kind of twisted, tilted, hooted or kilted orders he will sign tomorrow?

  3. I googled the Twisted Kilt and got asked if I was looking for the Tilted Kilt, and along with it were some pics, apparently from their calendar, that showed the full, uh, “uniform” they have to wear. It reminded me less of any kind of Scottish outfit than a sexed up schoolgirl uniform; so I don’t know if the appeal is to drunken pedophiles or what, but it looks creepy as hell. No surprise at the sexual harassment then.

  4. All of these claims (claims mind youwere widely known before Sotos was elected and yet here we are with him representing our community. A simple google search of Sotos’ name would have given some people pause before electing him, while not certain i would bet the same could be said of Paterno. how about taking five minutes out of our lives and do a little research before we hit the polling place?

  5. Should have written this comment on one of the earlier Paterno posts, but, nonetheless…
    I archived two of your 2012 posts RE: Dr. Anthony Borrelli, just after he was elected to the school board. He’s been on the board FIVE years now, & he’s the president, to boot. I think readers might find it interesting to re-read the two posts (“Park Ridge Board of Ed. Member Anthony Borrelli,” 9/25/12 & “Park Ridge’s Anthony Borrelli & School Finance,” 9/28/12) & the comments–especially readers who are residents of Park Ridge District 64. Lots to think about before the next school board elections. What Anonymous said, above, “How about taking 5 minutes out of our lives & do a little research before we hit the polling place?”
    And, by all means, DO “hit the polling place.”
    Better yet, if you can do better, dig in and help teachers teach and kids learn, why don’t you run?

  6. Twisted is just right?…I have never been to either of these joints or strip clubs etc. …due to the fact that I know I would experience feelings of pity for the employees…those poor women who are forced into work as sex objects…and feelings of pity for the customers…those sad and desperate men who feel the need to inhabit places such as these…Dens of inequity…are nuthin’ new…but it’s past time for them to dissolve…isn’t it?…
    I am not a formally religious man…but I am reminded of the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah…every time I see articles about joints like this or skip movies with images of women being used as objects of mental masturbation for men who lack simple empathy and most probably… the social skills to actually talk to a woman without leering… like …well…like Brett Kavanaugh?….and Donald J. Trump?

    Seduction is a gentle art these sad clowns can never learn?

    Forcing oneself on anyone is an act of weakness.


    Bill Cosby is in the slammer.


  7. What happened with all the women that were sexually assaulted by Trump? Trump does something outrageous every day, and his accusers are forgotten about.

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