Trump declares war on Chicago. Is that before or after war with China?

Back in 2013, then Republican Senator Mark Kirk proposed sending the National Guard to Chicago to arrest 18,000 alleged gang members.

The stupidity, racism and illegality of the proposal was immediately obvious. Which kind of defined Mark Kirk as a senator.

Writing in Chicago Magazine, Whet Moser observed,

I saw a headline the other day in which Mark Kirk proposed to arrest literally every single Gangster Disciple in Chicago. That’s an estimated 18,000 people, the equivalent of arresting every man, woman, and child in East Garfield Park or Kenwood. An entire Chicago community’s worth of people. It’s putting it mildly to say this idea is not entirely thought-out:

“My top priority is to arrest the Gangster Disciple gang, which is 18,000 people. I would like to a mass pickup of them and put them all in the Thomson Correctional Facility,” says Kirk. “I will be proposing this to the assembled federal law enforcement: ATF, DEA and FBI.”

Thomson has 1,600 cells. So at the tight fit of ten prisoners to a cell…you’re still gonna need a bigger jail. (Cook County Jail holds about 10,000 people, but it’s almost full.)

Maybe this is what we could do with all the closed schools.

Anyway, those are mere logistical details. This is America, and if we’re good at anything, it’s mass incarceration.

What the hell does Trump’s tweet mean. Is it a follow up to Mark Kirk’s stupidity? Is Trump sending in an occupation force to Chicago? Are the Marines coming? Will they set up camp in Mayor Rahm’s Lakeview neighborhood?

Or is it more likely Chatham and K-town?

I think we know.

Sending in “the Feds”? What Feds?

Is Trump calling for a military attack on Chicago’s communities of color?

This news comes on the heels of increasing tension between China and the U.S. in the South China sea.

At his first official press briefing Monday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that the United States would protect its interests in the South China Sea and “defend international territories from being taken over by one country.” The remarks were in response to a question about earlier statements made by Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson at his confirmation hearing that the U.S. would not allow China access to its artificial islands in the South China Sea.

Mr. Spicer’s comments leave the question of how, or even whether, the United States will respond to China in the Spratly islands going forward ambiguous and somewhat confused, as Ankit Panda explained. Nonetheless, anticipation that the Trump Administration’s policies in the South China Sea might significantly raise tensions with China has both U.S. and Chinese observers speculating about the prospect of a military clash.

Too many fronts, my man.

5 thoughts on “Trump declares war on Chicago. Is that before or after war with China?

    1. Is Trump mentally ill? Do a Google search for “Cluster B Personality Disorders” for a full description. See if it matches Trump’s behavior. Paul Krugman, although no psychiatrist thinks that Trump’s mentally ill. Here’s a very short summary of “Cluster B Personality Disorders” —-

      Cluster B is called the dramatic, emotional, and erratic cluster. It includes:
      • Borderline Personality Disorder.
      • Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
      • Histrionic Personality Disorder.
      • Antisocial Personality Disorder.
      Disorders in this cluster share problems with impulse control and emotional regulation.

  1. Clearly a personal swipe at Obama and Emmanuel. Add in our sanctuary city status.
    Perhaps trump should try his plan in the most violent cities first. Seems they need the help a bit more.

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