Representative Scott Drury complains he didn’t get a clock in his Madigan gift bag.


Scott Drury is a Democratic State Representative from Highwood, a suburb north of Chicago.

I won’t say he’s not a real Democrat because I don’t even know what that means. But here’s what I know.

When state employees were fighting to stop a legislative theft of our public pensions, Drury was all in favor of the theft.

My friend and blogging colleague Glen Brown wrote about Drury at the time.

“Honesty” and Scott Drury create quite an irony together. Drury and others like him chose not to honor their oath of office in December, 2013 when they voted “Yes” to break a constitutional contract (SB 1) with public employees. Breaking a promise is theft of “certainty” and “credibility”; an antonym for the word “truthful” is dishonest.

SB1 passed both chambers and was signed by Governor Quinn, but the Illinois Supreme Court ruled with us that Drury and his legislative gang acted unconstitutionally.

Then when Rauner came into office and the Democrats held a potentially veto proof majority, Drury deserted the Democratic labor base and joined with a few other Democrats like Ken Dunkin and refused to vote to override an anti-AFSCME bill. Rauner won that round because of those like Scott Drury and Ken Dunkin.

Dunkin got booted by the voters in spite of huge contributions by Rauner’s political action committee.

Not Drury.

Scott Drury decided to play hardball with Madigan again, refusing to vote for Madigan to remain as Speaker. He didn’t have the spine to actually vote no. He voted present. Tough guy.

The only House Democrat who didn’t vote forMichael Madigan to remain speaker says he’s being punished for his defiance.

The first sign? Rep. Scott Drury said he did not receive an engraved desk clock like the rest of his House Democratic colleagues.

As revenge, Drury didn’t get a clock in his legislative gift bag and was he pissed about it. The state hasn’t had a budget for two years. Those who rely the most on state social services are hurting badly.

But Scott Drury?

    In a petty maneuver, the day after the Speaker vote, Speaker Madigan’s staff provided Democratic caucus members with an engraved clock as a gift — I did not receive one.

Oh. The horror.

In response a gofundme account has been established to buy Representative Drury a clock. The last time I checked the site had raised $30 towards its $99 goal.

The creators of the gofundme account explain their mission.

Illinois has now gone two years without a state budget, devastating human services, our economy, our higher education – basically,  every function of government has seen it disrupted.

While autism programs being cut are a concern, and seeing CeaseFire (a program that actually curbs violence) decimated during the worst shooting summer in recent Chicago history seems short sighted, a real tragedy (we should all stand up to) has occurred.

Rep. Scott Drury was denied a free clock from the Democratic leadership.

Now I know you are thinking, this seems a little out of proportion with everything going on in the State right now, and you would be right, but we must take a stand.

So please donate generously so that we can buy Rep. Drury a desk clock in hopes that he can stop releasing press releases and return to passing a budget.

No doubt the clocks handed out to Democratic legislators were priceless- and due to gift limits we likely can’t buy a priceless clock – so please know any money raised over the price of a dollar store clock will be donated to one of the nonprofits in Rep. Drury’ district that hasn’t been paid on time.


3 Replies to “Representative Scott Drury complains he didn’t get a clock in his Madigan gift bag.”

  1. Ha, ha. I would think Rep. Drury would be happy with not getting the clock.
    Could be the ILL-Annoy version of the Doomsday Clock…although I think we might actually be past midnight here.

  2. I am outraged by this! I’d totally help fund Scott so that he could get the clock he deserves, but after his support of the pension legislation I’ve been a lot tighter with my money in case the kleptocrats get their hands on my retirement savings.

    I doesn’t mean I can’t donate to Scott my best wishes though!

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