Steve Bannon says, “shut up.” We say speak up!


Trump adviser and alt-right guru Steve Bannon greets corporate supporters at the White House.

Trump’s White House in-house Joseph Goebbels, Steve Bannon, issued a directive to the press yesterday.

“The media should keep its mouth shut for a while.”

This is straight out of the Goebbels playbook.

Some want to argue whether the Trumpists fit somebody’s definition of fascists or not.

But I say if it walks like a Nazi duck don’t be surprised that somebody punches the duck in the face.


Quick quiz: Who said the following? Goebbels or Bannon?

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

I’ll leave you guessing or Googling.

Part of building a dynamic movement of resistance is paying attention, closely following what they say, even including keeping up with reading Trump’s tweets.

“I just can’t read that stuff anymore,” a friend said to me the other day. “It’s too depressing.”

No. We have to pay attention as we build our movement of resistance.

The good folks at Chicago’s community non-profit radio station WLPN, 105.5FM and streaming live at have agreed to let me and my brother, Mike Klonsky have an hour slot on their station at 11AM on Friday, February 3rd.

Right now it is an idea and this is a one-time pilot. If it works, if they like it, you like it and we like it it will turn into a regular deal.

Our in-studio guest will be Troy LaRaviere, notorious and appreciated for his very public critiques of Rahm’s education policies, former principal at Blaine Elementary and now President of the Chicago Association of Principals and Administrators.

It will mainly be talk, with a tiny little bit of music thrown in. We have been working on some format ideas.

But mostly it will look like what happens when my brother and I get together over coffee to discuss, sometimes argue – often laugh – about what’s going on in the world and here at home.

And this is no time to shut up.

7 Replies to “Steve Bannon says, “shut up.” We say speak up!”

  1. Looking forward to your upcoming radio debut. Also, a question: I heard a reference to a WWII era anti-propaganda doc, I think its title was something like: Don’t Be a Dupe, but I”m not sure. Can you help? I googled it, but no luck. Thanks for your ongoing work.

  2. Staying alert to these folks is more important now than ever. Just returned from planet fitness. They have replaced an espn tv station with fox alt “news.” There are now 2 fox stations out of a possible 8. I have written a complaint but I doubt they will change. Probably need to cancel the membership and move on. These right wingers are getting more and more brazen in their attempts to force lies and alt news on the public. These next few months are going to be very scary.

    1. Barb–Ditto on your first sentence,
      Good to know that you, Fred, & Mike will be two more for-the-people voices on-air, having guests such as Troy, who speak truth to power.
      Hope it becomes a permanent gig (so you won’t be playing “dead” anytime soon–which, BTW, you were great at).

  3. That post was me. I was too broken up about Drueys travails. Well if he don’t get his clock at least he can be comforted no state employees will be paid

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