#NoMuslimBan Sunday.


International airports in the United States were closed or disrupted by protests Friday in response to Trump’s Muslim ban and the the illegal detention of the foreign born. Photo collage: Dave Zirin

“I am an immigrant. I am a Muslim. I am hopeful. Proud to be an American tonight.” – Abu Khaliquzzaman.


Photo: Fred Klonsky


 Photo: Fred Klonsky

“I want to repeat: Green card holders were handcuffed, their social media was reviewed, and they were asked their views on Trump.” – Trita Parsi


Photo: Henry Fulkerson



Hundreds of Uber users have taken screenshots of themselves deleting the ride-hailing app, accusing it of profiting from a strike by New York’s taxi drivers held against President Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim travellers and refugees.

The hashtag #DeleteUber trended worldwide on Sunday as users also accused the company’s CEO of collaborating with the new US president. Al Jazeera



O’Hare International Airport, Terminal five. Friday, February 27, 2017 Photos: Fred Klonsky

3 thoughts on “#NoMuslimBan Sunday.

  1. We’re witnessing the horrific, inhuman impact of this Trump / Republican inspired “muslim ban.” It’s great to see the numbers of people protesting this, another of Trump / Republican daily horrors. Hopefully, well-attended protests won’t abate. We also need to get to the root of this and other torments caused by the party that now has total control of our federal government in order to rid ourselves of its pernicious influence…

    Behind this orange-haired monster is a grossly craven, corrupt, morally deficient Republican Party! What a catastrophe Trump and the entire Republican Party have been for our country! It’s only been slightly more than a week since the triumvirate of Trump, Ryan, and McConnell have been officially in total control; and each day since the inauguration we’ve had some kind of disaster. How long do we tolerate their daily horrors and the machinations of these three and their evil party? At Trump’s rate, one of these days soon, we’ll have one of his disasters from there’s no return. We can’t let that happen!

    What do we do? Start with picketing Republican Party offices in your area with signs that reflect your indignation about what they’re doing to our country and to you. Get as many people as you can to join you. Then, picket Republican congressional reps and Senate offices. Call them, write to them! Give them no rest! They’re dismantling our democracy and our lives day by day and turning it into an authoritarian state. Don’t forget that it isn’t only Trump; it’s the entire Republican Party! Republicans need to pay a heavy (political) price for what amounts to criminality.

    Also, call Democratic reps and senators to drive the corporate influence from the party and to stiffen their spines!

  2. All those pundits and talking heads that said Trump will never become president are now on TV saying “he can’t get away with this” and that “he can’t govern by decree.” Trump is president because people said to themselves “…..I don’t have to go out and vote nobody would elect that a-hole.” We see his cabinet nominees getting yes votes from democrats like Warren. Edmund Burke Quote. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” IT IS TIME TO RISE UP AND STOP ALL THIS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!!

  3. For those trying to conceptualize for children please allow me to suggest a great read aloud…”Yellow Star, the Legend of King Christian X of Denmark.” Fodder for a great discussion and understanding.

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