4 Replies to “1984.”

  1. In 4 years you will all be voting for Trump after you see what he accomplished in his first term. He will go down as the greatest jobs president we ever had. Even the Dems who don’t want jobs will be working! It will be wonderful to see us all united and working!

  2. The South China Morning Post owned by Jack Ma not reflexifly anti Trump or fully pro Chinese gov . For instance they reported on Chinese gov doing 1984 stuff like banning coverage of their toxic air and reporting that China made up 5 million births and so on . I feel I have to do this in the fake news era. I wanted a trade crackdown on China just like Bernie did. I do not want a shooting war .The SCMP is reporting that Chinese government is expecting a real one with Trump. As it stands we have a monster who is declaring war on 3 billion people.

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