The junta is hoping for protest fatigue.


Within the time frame of four hours on Saturday thousands of Chicagoans found their way by train, foot and automobile to protest Trump’s Muslim ban.

The protest was repeated again Sunday evening. This time even Rahm and his last mayoral opponent, Chuy Garcia, both made appearances.

The #NoMuslimBan protests took place at international airports all across the U.S.

Although there were organizational endorsements, the huge response in so short a time was based primarily on social networks. People are outraged and energized.

That’s good. The junta is hoping for protest fatigue.

In fact, they are counting on it to pursue their coup plans.

Google analyst Yonatan Zunger writes in a widely circulated blog post:

I see a few key patterns here. First, the decision to first block, and then allow, green card holders was meant to create chaos and pull out opposition; they never intended to hold it for too long. It wouldn’t surprise me if the goal is to create “resistance fatigue,” to get Americans to the point where they’re more likely to say “Oh, another protest? Don’t you guys ever stop?” relatively quickly.

Eliot Cohen is the director of the Strategic Studies Program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. From 2007 to 2009, he served as counselor to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. He represents many among the establishment who are concerned with a seizure of power by TrumpBannon.

He suggests their illegal grab for power ultimately will not succeed.

He writes in Atlantic:

In the end, however, he will fail. He will fail because however shrewd his tactics are, his strategy is terrible—The New York Times, the CIA, Mexican Americans, and all the others he has attacked are not going away. With every act he makes new enemies for himself and strengthens their commitment; he has his followers, but he gains no new friends. He will fail because he cannot corrupt the courts, and because even the most timid senator sooner or later will say “enough.” He will fail most of all because at the end of the day most Americans, including most of those who voted for him, are decent people who have no desire to live in an American version of Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey, or Viktor Orban’s Hungary, or Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

There was nothing unanticipated in this first disturbing week of the Trump administration. It will not get better.

Laila Lalami in The Nation warns:

We are living under a form of shock and awe. The goal of this administration is to overwhelm us with so many punitive orders, racist policies, outright fabrications, and silly controversies that we lose the spirit to fight. Many a morning since the election, I’ve woken up with the paralyzing fear of what the president might have done overnight, some new fight he might have picked with a nuclear power, a diplomatic agreement he might have abrogated, journalists or press organizations he might have attacked. I know I’m not alone. The worse the news gets, the more tempting it is to turn away from it. But what we’re facing is the rapid dismantling of political norms and the destruction of an open democracy.

If Trump can do all this and face no opposition, he’ll do more. Silence will not protect you. If you think what is happening to Muslims will never happen to you, you’re mistaken. We will either survive together or perish separately.





One thought on “The junta is hoping for protest fatigue.

  1. Protest fatigue? That’s a miscalculation! Trump, Rauner & Republican Party…! Beware of the women and men who have nothing to lose!

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