5 Replies to “Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Pageant.”

  1. The nominee should be blocked because he participated in this farce, In one week he gas made our government a joke Making tge US a laughingstock was Vlads second dream after getting the Russian empire back

  2. Trump is illegal and illegitimate! So is his pick for the Supreme Court!!! McConnell — supreme criminal, traitor, and arch-hypocrite — willfully shirked his constitutional duty to the American people when he refused to hold hearings for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee and to put the nomination before the Senate for a vote. Now, he whines about a (possible?) Democratic fight against Trump’s illegal and illegitimate pick for the Supreme Court! McConnell — supreme criminal, traitor, and arch-hypocrite!!! American people, — After a fair trial, a guilty verdict, what kind of punishment does he deserve?

  3. Come on. Did you expect someone we could all rally behind for SCJ? I’m upset that the press interrupted regularly scheduled program to announce this last night to announce this corporate hog, racist, anti-woman pig. Maybe they were optimistic for a good choice to happen out of all this _hit storm. I can’t get away from this circus for even a half hour without interruptions. I don’t know many people still holding out hopes that they voted in the right dictator . Though, I still have my doubts about just how much tampering went on. Those numbers sure came in weird that night.

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